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A great start to a new era

This week, we have got straight back into our learning and have even begun creating our Christmas cards! We used our British Values to vote democratically for a new class novel and chose the Tortoise and the Dare linked to our new topic. A big focus has been improving our handwriting and presentation – we can see ourselves getting better already 🙂 We are looking forward to camp and our DARE lessons starting next week.

Alanna’s challenge: research some of the Greek gods, goddesses and heroes. Let’s see who else can get a stamp on the blog log…

All the world’s a stage

It’s Friday again! We’ve been so busy in Year 6 with our visit to Nottingham and lots of great activities in school. The victorious Priory Singers and Ringers put in a great deal of hard work before performing at the Worksop Music Festival and Talent Show finalists have continued with their rehearsals in preparation for a week on Monday.

Our English has been very creative this week with some extremely entertaining work on playscripts (and a very ‘creative’ reconstruction of the arrival of Oliver Twist!!). Our poetry slam was superb; I was mightily impressed with the huge amount of extra work that you had all put in at home to polish and perfect your recitals. Over the weekend, share your suggestions for what you’d like our next poem to be and I’ll consider them along with Henry’s request for ‘In Flanders Fields’ .  Poems are a fabulous place to find examples of figurative language such as metaphors and hyperbole: challenge yourself to find the next one for us analyse and memorise!