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Food Glorious Food?!

As today was World Book Day, we decided to ‘link our learning’ and celebrate it by looking at a very popular book from the Victorian era: Oliver Twist. We began the day with a serving of gruel before sampling other delights later in the day such as pease pudding, hot sausage & mustard and cold jelly & custard. As you can see from the photos, we definitely thought some of the foods were more glorious than others!

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Down, down, deeper and down!

Wow what a brilliant day!!! We have been on our visit today to the National Mining Museum and had an amazing time: I think it’s one of the best trips I’ve been on for ages 🙂

Why don’t you tell everyone what you thought about the day: what was your favourite part? Did you find anything surprising?

I really enjoyed the workshop with Sally; she was so informative telling us all about life working down the pit during Victorian times. Probably the most surprising fact for me was when she said that only the ‘getter’ would get paid for his work! How unfair was that?!

This week in Year 6…

We have been very busy finding all sorts of missing angles in Numeracy and in Literacy we have been discussing and researching the expansion of the railways during the Victorian era. We have watched an animated version of The Wind in the Willows and created pop up Christmas cards in a style similar to the first ones sent by the Victorians. Our focus in art has been on paintings by the artist LS Lowry: we analysed his use of colours and perspective to portray industrialised landscapes before we recreated our own collaged version of ‘Northern River Scene’. Why don’t you share what your favourite part of the week has been?

Extra information

Following my writing group’s work on adding extra information into sentences using brackets, hyphens and commas, I thought I’d set you a little challenge to write your own sentences. In case you aren’t in my group, I’m looking for ideas like these:
Mole scuttled through the Wild Wood (which was filled with eerie noises) as fast as he could.
Queen Victoria held a party – for the Royal Family – to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was educated in France, designed several famous ships during the Victorian era.

Raffle tickets to all who respond correctly…

Victorian Entertainment

playing with tops

Over the next couple of nights, Miss Warnes and I would like you to post on some mini challenges about different aspects of Victorian life. You can share facts you already know (such as those you’ve learned in school) or you can do some of your own research and share that. There will be rewards for the best posts.

The first challenge is to share what you’ve leaned about how the Victorians entertained themselves.
Was it the same for rich and poor people?
What did adults enjoy?
What did children enjoy?
What there anything similar to today?
For bonus prizes, can you find out what ‘The Great Exhibition’ was?
Remember – put your research into your own words – we will know if it is copied and pasted 🙄