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What a week we’ve had!!!

This week, we have had an amazing week!

We have been reading a story from the anthology called Laughter Land and answered some questions about it. We have also been doing able and ible and yesterday, we linked our topic to English and did some bullet points about Victorian games.
Are these able or ible? prob_ble, lov_ble, perish_ble, invinc_ble


We have continued our work on fractions and are feeling confident with simplifying, equivalence and comparing using common denominators. Next week, our Learn Its will continue on the 8x table.


We have continued with our topic of Evolution and started looking at the work of the famous Victorian naturalist, Charles Darwin. Maybe you could continue your research into your chosen animal. Remember the big idea is to find out more about different species of your chosen animal and how each has adapted to the different habitat it lives in.

Text by Natasha C and Eve.

Science Enrichment 14.06.16

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What a fantastic day we’ve had! We began with a philosophical Morning Mission considering our own opinions on what science is and whether it is important before moving on to planning our experiment. We covered a huge amount today; can you post some of the things we were learning? You might want to comment on:

  • the headings to include when planning and writing  a science experiment
  • what Independent, Dependent and Controlled Variables are
  • what you observed and discovered
  • what immiscible and density mean and how they relate to our experiment
  • examples of immiscible liquids in real life

Wriggly worms

Year 6 had a brilliant Friday afternoon constructing two worm huts to link in with our  Science and RE work. Hopefully, it won’t be very long before we’re harvesting our own worm compost and worm tea! There was lots of team work happening too as we got on with some problem solving to figure out the instructions for building the huts. Check out the pictures to see how we got on…

Another Week Gone…


Text by Leah, Millie, Kayleigh and Courtney

This week we have begun writing our newspapers in Literacy and did our first Priory’s All Write. We also wrote different styles of poem for the Out of this World Competition. We have been learning lots of Geographical language for our topic work and we went on our visit to Weston Park Museum.

What did we do on the trip? Do you remember anything about Athena and any  facts that Anita told us?
Science: with Mrs Dorrington we classified plants. Can you remember what the sorts of plants she brought in were?

Scientific Names

As you enjoyed finding out some of the scientific names of different animals this afternoon during our Science work, I thought I’d set you all a little challenge: I’ll award two raffle tickets per answer and a class credit if you find all of the scientific names for the animals listed…

Great white shark, common dolphin, hippopotamus, Siberian tiger, greater flamingo, meerkat, polar bear, red fox,  giraffe, snow leopard