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Wriggly worms

Year 6 had a brilliant Friday afternoon constructing two worm huts to link in with our  Science and RE work. Hopefully, it won’t be very long before we’re harvesting our own worm compost and worm tea! There was lots of team work happening too as we got on with some problem solving to figure out the instructions for building the huts. Check out the pictures to see how we got on…

This week in Year 6

In literacy, we have designed our Jubilee cakes and started typing our instructions . In numeracy we have worked on quadrilaterals and we have been measuring and converting measurements. In RE , we analysed Psalm 23. As we have been working on designing our cakes, Mrs Manning – Ball came to show us different ways to decorate using icing. If we finish our instructions ,we will be baking our cakes on Tuesday…

Why not watch  the Work Terrible Work song over the weekend? Click on the words to go to the video.
Text by Emilian.