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I’m on top of the world!!

Imagine you have jut reached the summit of Mount Everest. Can you write a diary entry about your thoughts and feelings? What difficulties would you have had to overcome? What conditions did you have to face? How do you think you might be feeling? What might your hopes for the future be? Every person that posts an appropriate diary entry before Friday night will receive two signatures.

Another Week Gone…


Text by Leah, Millie, Kayleigh and Courtney

This week we have begun writing our newspapers in Literacy and did our first Priory’s All Write. We also wrote different styles of poem for the Out of this World Competition. We have been learning lots of Geographical language for our topic work and we went on our visit to Weston Park Museum.

What did we do on the trip? Do you remember anything about Athena and any  facts that Anita told us?
Science: with Mrs Dorrington we classified plants. Can you remember what the sorts of plants she brought in were?

Football Fever Strikes

Since I know you’re all getting behind your teams from our World Cup Draw, I thought some of you might want to post a review of any of the games you watch. I know lots of them are on pretty late, but I’m sure many of you will be allowed to stay up to watch the England game on Thursday as there’s no school for you on Friday.

Have a look here for some ideas, then have a go at writing a more detailed review to share your opinions…