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What a week we’ve had!!!

This week, we have had an amazing week!

We have been reading a story from the anthology called Laughter Land and answered some questions about it. We have also been doing able and ible and yesterday, we linked our topic to English and did some bullet points about Victorian games.
Are these able or ible? prob_ble, lov_ble, perish_ble, invinc_ble


We have continued our work on fractions and are feeling confident with simplifying, equivalence and comparing using common denominators. Next week, our Learn Its will continue on the 8x table.


We have continued with our topic of Evolution and started looking at the work of the famous Victorian naturalist, Charles Darwin. Maybe you could continue your research into your chosen animal. Remember the big idea is to find out more about different species of your chosen animal and how each has adapted to the different habitat it lives in.

Text by Natasha C and Eve.

A busy week we have had

This week in year six we…

Enjoyed learning the Greek alphabet song: find the video here

Mrs Larkin’s group’s spelling link


In topic, we have being learning ancient Greek democracy vs modern UK democracy. Do you think all of  Greek life was fair?


In English, we have learnt where to put commas in different places.  Let’s see if you can add the commas in the sentence:

We need to buy from the shop eggs bacon crisps sweets sausages kale and salad. Do you need a colon?


We will be moving on again with our Learn Its onto step 10: the 4 x table. Can you post a link to any good websites that we might want to use to practise our 4x table?

We have also been finding common factors. Can you remember the song? What are the common factors of 46 and 12?

Don’t forget that it’s our Ancient Greece immersion day on Friday. What do you think we might be doing?

Remember to answer our questions to get a stamp on the blog log

typed by Eve and Natasha C

What a busy week!

This week in maths, we have been looking at real life maths and the questions were about Ancient Greece. Also we have done some arithmetic in house teams.

In D.A.R.E., we learnt about  if you take too much medication, it could be  as dangerous as taking an illegal drug.

In English we have learnt about homophones and silent letters plus we began reading Tom’s Midnight Garden.

We really enjoyed learning about aliments in French: who can remember some of the sentences we wrote?

Have a fun-filled and safe weekend if you’re celebrating Bonfire Night.

Text by Madison

As busy as bees

This week in maths we have been doing more multiplication but in real life problems and some of us have been doing SAT like questions and we have a poster for our reasoning. In English we have been finding the definitions of words to put into sentences related to our new unit Tom’s Midnight Garden.  This week’s reading comprehension has been an extract from Trouble Half-Way we have also been introduced to APE our new answering  for our reading.

Wow what another busy week!!!

Next Week’s Learn Its will be Step 10: the 3x table. Although this sounds easy, we need to be super speedy to beat our scores and match Jamie’s full marks in our challenge on Friday

Text by Isabella

Fun Times in Year 6

We’ve had a very enjoyable week again in Year 6. We’ve worked extremely hard to try to extend our vocabulary with some difficult words taken from the fable The Discontented Fish. Quite a few of us knew at least some of the words but we initially found it quite a challenge to be able to define what they meant! This preparation work helped us immensely when it came to our Guided Reading session: Mrs Larkin and Mrs Howard said it was one of the most successful lessons ever and they were hugely impressed with how we applied our new understanding.

Show your understanding of any of the following words by putting them into a sentence to prove it: isolated, haughty, gripe, crevice, gingerly or alas.

Lots of us improved our Learn It and CLIC scores in the challenges today and quite a few scored ten out of ten so the extra effort we are putting in is paying off! Next week, our Learn Its will be:

  • 5 + 4 = 9
  • 5 + 6 = 11
  • 6 + 7 = 13
  • 8 +7 = 15
  • 8 + 9 = 17

Remember – when we know these, we can use Pim’s Principle because It’s Nothing New to add: 5 tenths and 4 tenths to make 9 tenths; 5 hundredths and 6 hundredths to make 11 hundredths; 6 quarters and 7 quarters to make 13 quarters etc. ‘Swap the Thing’ and practise this week’s Learn Its here…Image result for pim big maths

Topic Launch

On Friday morning, we began our new topic about Ancient Greece by competing in some challenges  based around Greek gods and goddesses. I’ve now checked your answers and Apollo group were the winners of both morning challenges!  In the afternoon launch, we enjoyed working with our adults (and using their phones!) to try to find out more about monsters in Greek mythology. The afternoon winners were….. Apollo group again! What a group! Our commission this term is to create our own oral myths and we will share them at the end of term.

To help us develop the plots for the myths, your next challenge is to begin researching heroes in Greek mythology. Post your findings here and receive a stamp on the blog log 🙂

A great start to a new era

This week, we have got straight back into our learning and have even begun creating our Christmas cards! We used our British Values to vote democratically for a new class novel and chose the Tortoise and the Dare linked to our new topic. A big focus has been improving our handwriting and presentation – we can see ourselves getting better already 🙂 We are looking forward to camp and our DARE lessons starting next week.

Alanna’s challenge: research some of the Greek gods, goddesses and heroes. Let’s see who else can get a stamp on the blog log…