My Fair Lady

Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to Worksop College to watch the matinee performance of My Fair Lady this afternoon. Here we are during the intermission waiting to find out what happens with Eliza and Henry next.

Morning Mission: Can you summarise the plot? What did you enjoy about the performance?

Another class credit earned!

Well Year 6, your target was to complete 275 quizzes and you upped your games and did 390 so I’ll add the credit on Monday!! If you can complete 400 quizzes this week, I’ll reward you with two credits next time!

Knowledge Points earned this week: Jack C 380; Mason E 388; Charlotte G 398; Samantha 1388; Lori 1415

Quizzes taken this week: Lillie-Mae 19; Jagroop 21; Jack C 32; Lori 70; Samantha 75

Aiden is back to reading texts at the hardest level!!

Here is another painting which is similar to the ones we were looking at on Friday. What can you say about this one?

Can you crack Lori’s eggs?

Hi miss,I’ve got a question about how many eggs I got over the weekend.

A family of 5 got 17 eggs over the weekend. The next day,they all wanted 3 eggs each but they could only use the eggs that they got. The eggs were carried in egg boxes with 6 egg spaces in them.
1star-How many eggs would be left over if they had 3 eggs each?
2star-How many egg boxes would the family need to carry all the eggs in?
3star-if one of the family members wanted toast instead of egg, could the other 4 family members have one more each? Explain your answer.

Class Credit Coming Right Up!

We met our target for Read Theory quizzes completed this week! I asked you to complete 225 as a class and you actually did 267 so I’ll add a class credit on Monday 🙂 I’m setting this week’s target as 275 so we’d better get busy! Remember you are welcome to come and use our wonderful new Learning Pod before school for some extra quiet study time!

Knowledge Points earned this week: Riah 277; Joshua 319; Lillie-Mae 403; Samantha 979; Jack C 1108

Jack and Samantha almost tripled their scores from last week!

Quizzes taken this week: Casey 12;  Riah 13; Lillie Mae 21; Joshua 44; Samantha 55; Jack C 63

Oliver AND Sienna have both been reading texts at the hardest level!!

Science Challenge: What’s my animal?

It is an invertebrate that lives in a marine habitat. It has radial symmetry, tube feet and spines. We usually think of them as being orangey-red but there are also blue, grey and brown species. What could it be and what group would we classify it in?

Read, Read, Read!!

We’ve had a a busy week of reading this week! We’ve done some more inference training with Mrs Howard, spent a lot of time unpicking our new text ‘Laughter Land’, read for research in topic about Queen Victoria and completed our reading homework about workhouses in the Victorian era where we are already showing our excellent clarification and summarising skills. When we did our drama today about Laughter Land, that was really reading in disguise too 😉

I’ve found a new way of analysing the data on Read Theory which I think you’ll like! Above is the number of Quizzes and Knowledge Points since last Friday. I’m setting a challenge: can we complete 225 quizzes as a class next week? I’m also going to start showing your progress on a week by week basis…

Knowledge Points earned this week: Charlotte C 181; Joshua 231; Oliver 276; Samantha 378; Jack C 413

Quizzes taken this week: Oliver 13; Samantha 20; Jack R 28; Jack C 31; Joshua 32

Oliver has been reading texts at the hardest level!!

It will be interesting to see what happens this week and whether Harley, Jagroop and Aiden try to reclaim their positions….

Launch yourselves into learning!

We really enjoyed our topic and homework launches this week where we had a go at a quiz to find out how much we already know about the Victorians. Some of us did really well indeed (including Mr Abbott who joined in too!). Now that you’ve got your new Knowledge Organisers, can you post a question or two for everyone else to try?

In the afternoon launch, we had some noisy fun with the buzzers looking at photographs of Victorian Worksop and trying to work out where they were taken. It was a great help having our adults to support our house teams!

In Read Theory, we are steadily increasing our Knowledge Points: can we go for it this week and reach 3500 quizzes completed by Friday?Harley is still in the lead moving on to 4766 points and Aiden is still reading the hardest texts at 676L although Oliver is hot on his tail! Watch this space to see how things change over the coming days…