When is a horse not a horse?

…. when it’s a great big trick to win a war! This week, we really enjoyed learning more about the Siege of Troy: we heard different versions of the story, did some group drama for key points, story pathed it and started to learn who the key figures were using our Knowledge Organiser. Maybe you could set a question for everyone to answer. I’ll start you off…

Who was Helen’s husband and what was his brother called?

After some super scores on our Learn Its challenges yesterday, we’re moving on to the 8 times table. Our Learn Its for next week will be

3 x 8 = 24

5 x 8 = 40

7 x 8 = 56

Here’s a link for a times table game. Set it to 8 times tables. Practise, practise, practise and prepare yourself to wear the crown!! 👑

Blogger of the week’s challenge

Ellie M was our blogger of the week this week and she’s set a challenge:

98.45 – 43.56=

This week we have enjoyed our Science work again when we were finding out more about the lungs. Can anyone post a sentence using the word respiratory?

If you were making a list of keywords for the lesson, which ones would you include?

We will continue working on super speedy recall of the 4 times table and our Learn Its will be

6 x 4 = 24

9 x 4 = 36

12 x 4 = 48

7 x 4 = 28

Our Calculation focus this week will be multiplication so we need to make sure we’ve got our times tables nailed!


♥ Y6 are all heart ♥

We’ve had another good week in Year 6. We enjoyed our first Science lesson finding out about the human heart and what an incredible job it does. We then looked in more detail to create some sketches and the results were amazing – Year 6 are a very creative bunch! We followed this up in Reciprocal Reading today by reading a report to find out even more! Can anyone post any of their new-found knowledge about the heart?

We have also been working very hard to beat our scores in our CLIC, SAFE & Learn Its Challenges and I was delighted to see so many children applying work into the challenges from the interventions they’ve had. Let’s see if we can have just as good a week this week…

Because we’re trying to be super speedy, we’re refreshing all of our times tables and our Learn Its this week are

6 x 4 = 24

9 x 4 = 36

7 x 4 = 28

12 x 4 = 48

I wonder who will beat their score this week….


Happy New Year!

It’s your final year at Priory and July will come in the blink of an eye! This year is going to be a lot of fun, learning and hard work!  I can’t wait for us to settle into our routines and make some amazing memories together. What are you looking forward to? What are you hoping to achieve?

We’re artists!

This week has flown by in a flash! We began the week with some play rehearsals, found out more about Sikhism during our faith experience and attended an event at Sparken Hill to learn more about different careers. We squeezed in a bit of narrative writing when we began our stories set on a mountain before ending the week with a whole day art workshop with visiting artist and author duo,  Duncan and Emma Pass. We created our own storyline and then made the printing plates ourselves! We can’t wait to see the finished comic in the exhibition at Worksop Library in July!

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What a view!

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Year 6 had a breathtaking trip (in more ways than one!) on Thursday. We visited Derbyshire to take a walk past Ladybower Reservoir and then hiked up Win Hill. At 462m, it’s not quite a mountain but we certainly felt a mountainous sense of achievement when we reached the top!


Use your powers of persuasion

Image result for visit derbyshireThis website is worth a look to see how you can persuade visitors that they can’t afford to miss out. If you wanted to look at the towns and villages link on there, you can also find more information about your group’s town. When you’ve done that, perhaps you could write a little post (in your own words) persuading us about an attraction we’d be bonkers to miss…