Launch yourselves into learning!

We really enjoyed our topic and homework launches this week where we had a go at a quiz to find out how much we already know about the Victorians. Some of us did really well indeed (including Mr Abbott who joined in too!). Now that you’ve got your new Knowledge Organisers, can you post a question or two for everyone else to try?

In the afternoon launch, we had some noisy fun with the buzzers looking at photographs of Victorian Worksop and trying to work out where they were taken. It was a great help having our adults to support our house teams!

In Read Theory, we are steadily increasing our Knowledge Points: can we go for it this week and reach 3500 quizzes completed by Friday?Harley is still in the lead moving on to 4766 points and Aiden is still reading the hardest texts at 676L although Oliver is hot on his tail! Watch this space to see how things change over the coming days…

Happy New Year!!

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Welcome back everyone! We’ve come back in 2018 with attitudes determined to go for gold! Over the past two days we’ve shown that we’re rested and ready for all of the challenges that the coming term will bring. We’ve reviewed our test scores from before we broke up and most of us were really pleased with our progress so far and we know exactly what we need to do next in our commitment to go for the title of ‘Best Year 6 Ever’! We’ve been looking at the features of emails in our Reading work as well as some of the effects of climate change. Can you write a sentence or two with any of the words we needed to clarify?

In Maths, we’ve recapped on halving strategies and applied our skills in different ways and got stuck back into our CLIC and SAFE challenges. Next week will be the last week on our six fact challenge Learn Its (6 x 6 = 36, 7 x 6 = 42, 9 x 6 = 54, 7 x 7 = 49, 9 x 7 = 63 and 9 x 9 = 81).

We are looking forward to our Topic and Homework Project Launch on Thursday and had  a quick discussion about what we know and want to know about the  Victorian era. Maybe you’ll spend some time doing some initial research on it this weekend…

In Read Theory, Harley is in the lead with 4626 Knowledge Points and Aiden is still reading and successfully quizzing at the hardest level. Why not have a go over the weekend to see if you can catch them?

We’re going for it!

It’s been a busy week for year 6! We started our week with a visit to Weston Park museum to do our workshop on Offerings to Athena. We’ve analysed the meaning of Psalm 23 in RE and started a new Science unit on Animals and Living Things. How do we remember what the seven life processes of living things are? Can you remember the five groups of animals? Can you tell me anything about their characteristics?

We ended the week with some brilliant CLIC and SAFE scores and our Read Theory Knowledge Points are going through the roof!

Between us, we’ve completed another 700+ quizzes and earned almost 13,000 more Knowledge Points. Well done to Harley and Jagroop for storming into the lead with Knowledge Points and to Aiden for consistently reading the hardest texts. Remember it can all change over the weekend so why not go for it?!

It’s been a marathon of a week!

We’ve had another great week in Year 6 this week with some brilliant work. We’ve nearly finished our Battle of Marathon writing based on Pheidippedes’ arduous message carrying, we’ve rocketed in our CLIC and SAFE challenges, thoroughly enjoyed sketching the Parthenon and even found time to begin planting the first of ninety trees that will enhance our school grounds. Here are a few challenges that you might want to have a go at answering over the weekend:

How many fables is Aesop thought to have written? Can you find one we’ve not read yet and summarise it?

Can you find out anything about the Parthenon? It will be useful to do some research before our visit to Sheffield on 4th December to do our ‘Offerings to Athena’ workshop.

Where is the best place to take your pulse rate? I’m thinking where on the body not in the doctor’s surgery 😆 Can you find yours? You’ll need to be able to do this when we do our Science investigation later in the week…

Have a lovely weekend and remember that DARE report homework is due in on Monday 😉