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Will you beat your score?

It’s finally time to move on with our Learn Its to the Six Fact Challenge! This week we will be focusing on

6 x 6 = 36 and 7 x 6 = 42

Here is the link to Maths Chase. You can either play a mix of times tables questions or if you want to really focus on a particular times table, scroll down the page and select it. How fast will you set the chaser? It’s up to you….

This week’s Read Theory Challenge: complete 15 quizzes to earn 3 points for your table


This week has been busy – as usual-  with plenty of work on division and recaps on our knowledge of shapes in maths, reciprocal reading on the poem, ‘Song of Hiawatha’ ,  exploring the adaptation of foxes found in different parts of the world and learning some biographical information about Queen Victoria (more to follow next week). What can you remember from our history lesson on Wednesday?

  1. What year was Queen Victoria born?
  2. How many siblings did she have?
  3. How was she formally addressed?
  4. What year did she become queen?
  5. How old was she when she became monarch?
  6. What was her husband called?
  7. How many children did she have?
  8. Who was her eldest daughter?
  9. Who was her eldest son?
  10. Why was she called ‘The Grandmother of Europe?

We’ll have one final week on our 8 times tables before we move on with our Learn Its. Make sure you’ve nailed 6 x 8 =48 and 12 x 8 =96

Don’t forget to have a try at the ible/able game on the post below.

King of the Knowledge Points: Jack Hen with 13,233

Most Knowledge points earned this week: Courtney with 381 so 10 points for Sir Robert Peel table.

50 quizzes completed and 15 table points: Sir Robert Peel

Charles Dickens table missed out by just 10 quizzes!

Next week’s challenge: If EVERY member of your table completes 10 quizzes, you’ll earn 10 table points. Each person that completes more will earn an additional point for every further ten they do so for example, if someone completes 40 quizzes, they’ll earn an additional 3 points (because they’ve done 30 more than the original 10 target). Ready, steady, go!!!!

Straight back into it!

Last week flew past! We picked up were we left off with our division work in maths, worked super hard on our English unit on emails, started a new science topic on evolution and adaptation and launched our topic by analysing Victorian photos of some buildings in Worksop to see if we could figure out where they were.

We are moving on with our Learn Its this week and will be working on

6 x 8 = 48 and 12 x 8 = 96

If you want to give yourself a boost on your Learn Its before we complete the challenge on Friday, why not have a few games of Hit the Button and let us know how you get on?

King of the Knowledge Points: Jack Hen on 13,151

Lilymae, Jack Hen and Courtney all earned 20 points each for their new tables by completing 20 or more quizzes.

This week’s Read Theory challenge: complete 50 quizzes as a table to earn 15 points. The person earning the most knowledge points this week will earn a bonus 10 points for their table too!

Happy New Year!

A few people have blogged and asked what the new Read Theory challenge is: I’ll add signatures for Jack Hen, Hanna, Courtney and two points for each of their new tables as they’ve been on at least 15 quizzes each since we’ve broken up for the holidays. As it’s now 2020, the new challenge starting today is each person that completes 20 quizzes will earn 20 points for their table!


We have spotted so many connections between the different areas of our learning this week! We were finding out more about the classification of living things and then we realised that some of us had been reading about bacteria and viruses on Read Theory. Then we were doing our blogging morning mission for Advent about the meanings of names and there were links to classification again as well as links to our word roots work earlier in the term. Lots of our names have Greek and Latin origins! Mr Littlewood’s storytelling linked with our Ancient Greek workshop during our trip to Wollaton Hall and absolutely tons of our Maths work this week has built on the things we have learned earlier on in Key Stage 2. I wonder what we will notice next week!

Learn Its for next week will continue to be 7 x 8 = 56, 8 x 8 = 64 and 9 x 8  = 72

Here is the link to the website we were looking at in Science; there was so much to look at and not enough time!

Read Theory update:

King of the Knowledge Points: Jack Hen on 10,132

Most quizzes completed this week: Atlanta with 97

Plato: 177 = 20 table points

Aristotle: 38

Socrates: 125 = 20 table points

Pythagoras: 180 = 30 table points!!

Zeno: 3

Next week’s challenge: each member of your table that completes 15 quizzes will earn your table 5 points…

Advent challenge 2

The words ‘Christ’ and ‘Messiah’ mean anointed or chosen one. ‘Immanuel’ means God with us. All of these names are given to Jesus and the names have real meaning and power. Can you find out the meanings of your name and some of your family members’ names?

I’ll start of with my girls’ names: Isobel means God is my oath and Erin means Ireland