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We’re going for it!

It’s been a busy week for year 6! We started our week with a visit to Weston Park museum to do our workshop on Offerings to Athena. We’ve analysed the meaning of Psalm 23 in RE and started a new Science unit on Animals and Living Things. How do we remember what the seven life processes of living things are? Can you remember the five groups of animals? Can you tell me anything about their characteristics?

We ended the week with some brilliant CLIC and SAFE scores and our Read Theory Knowledge Points are going through the roof!

Between us, we’ve completed another 700+ quizzes and earned almost 13,000 more Knowledge Points. Well done to Harley and Jagroop for storming into the lead with Knowledge Points and to Aiden for consistently reading the hardest texts. Remember it can all change over the weekend so why not go for it?!

It’s been a marathon of a week!

We’ve had another great week in Year 6 this week with some brilliant work. We’ve nearly finished our Battle of Marathon writing based on Pheidippedes’ arduous message carrying, we’ve rocketed in our CLIC and SAFE challenges, thoroughly enjoyed sketching the Parthenon and even found time to begin planting the first of ninety trees that will enhance our school grounds. Here are a few challenges that you might want to have a go at answering over the weekend:

How many fables is Aesop thought to have written? Can you find one we’ve not read yet and summarise it?

Can you find out anything about the Parthenon? It will be useful to do some research before our visit to Sheffield on 4th December to do our ‘Offerings to Athena’ workshop.

Where is the best place to take your pulse rate? I’m thinking where on the body not in the doctor’s surgery πŸ˜† Can you find yours? You’ll need to be able to do this when we do our Science investigation later in the week…

Have a lovely weekend and remember that DARE report homework is due in on Monday πŸ˜‰



Morning Mission 16.11.17

Image result for fox and the crow

A Fox once saw a Crow fly off with a piece of cheese in its beak and settle on a branch of a tree.

“That’s for me, as I am a fox,” said the fox, and he walked up to the foot of the tree.

“Good-day, Mistress Crow,” he cried. “How well you are looking today: how glossy your feathers; how bright your eye. I feel sure your voice must surpass that of other birds, just as your figure does; let me hear but one song from you that I may greet you as the Queen of Birds.”

The Crow lifted up her head and began to caw her best, but the moment she opened her mouth the piece of cheese fell to the ground, only to be snapped up by Master Fox.

“That will do,” said he. “That was all I wanted. In exchange for your cheese I will give you a piece of advice for the future:

What do you think the fox’s advice was? Can you work out the moral of the story? Post your answer below…

Another amazing week in Year 6 !!!!!

Our feathery friends are really starting to settle in now and we have enjoyed looking after them. We can’t wait to find out what their names will be! Next week, we have decided to do our Priory’s All Write all about the ducks. What can you find out about their diet, environment, safety and care before then?

We have been working hard on multiplication in Maths and achieved some amazing CLIC and SAFE scores in the challenges today. In RE, we have been thinking about creation and what we would do if we were creators like God. We designed a mammal to live in the Canadian Arctic. Can you remember what a prehensile tail is?

In our Science work, we have become experts on human lungs. Can you summarise what we learnt?

We used our knowledge organisers to help us label European countries on a blank map and we now know what exactly we need to be self-quizzing on ready for the end of term quiz.

Our Learn Its next week will be:

6 x 6 = 36

6 x 7 = 42

7 x 7 = 49

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday! πŸ™‚