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What a busy day! We’ve been laser shooting, climbing up the leap of faith and building rafts! Everyone got to the top of leap of faith and we made a raft that floated. All having showers and getting ready for tea! We’ve even a had a visit from a friendly face (Mr Abbott!) 

A day to remember

wow what a busy day of exciting activities. We’ve had drum jam this morning, followed by field games and circus skills. Then, after lunch we’ve been problem solving and completing the nightline challenge! Not even the weather has dampened our moods! We’ve just got back to our dorms after a quizzical evening, answering questions and naming music and tasting food! What will tomorrow bring?


Blowing out the cobwebs

  • Morning from the campers! We’ve all had breakfast and are enjoying our first very noisy activity – drum jam! We’re creating songs to perform in front of the Kingswoods got talent judges in the final! Weve had some real pop stars, they sound like pop stars, look like pop stars and are pop stars! Feild games and circus skills next! 

Camp life 

Well, we are here! We’ve made and we’re all smiling! We have just finished our first meal and are heading back to the dorms (where we have all made our beds outselves!) to chill before getting ready for the evening activity! 
When we arrived we all went down the zip wire and absolutely loved it! More updates to follow!