Wednesday 25.03.20

We’re halfway through the week! We are getting into the swing of things with home learning and I’m pleased to hear you are all staying safe 🙂 Today’s tasks are as follows (also available on Notebook)

  • Read for 15 mins and update your reading record.
  • Newsround
  • PE with Joe
  • Practise your weekly spellings in your target book. 
  • Maths: see the video for a quick reminder and questions below (in purple books please)
  • Philosophy: write a paragraph in your purple book
  • Class novel meeting at 1pm – remember to mute!
  • History: Workhouse inmate task on ‘Notebook’ (in purple books or save a Word doc into your file)

Spellings: My group: are you 100% sure you know the difference in meanings of the homophones and near homophones? Look up their definitions if you’re not sure. There’s a reminder of the words on Notebook

Maths: this shouldn’t take long at all!



Philosophy:Have a talk with the people at home or come onto Teams. The basics needed to survive were given in the workhouse: was it enough? What is the minimum a person needs in life? Is it different for different people? Is it different now from the Victorian period? Is it different now from last week?

When you’ve thought it through, write a paragraph in your purple book with your thoughts. Remember a paragraph is usually about 8 lines long and not just a single sentence! Perhaps you will focus on some of the questions more than others. Perhaps your discussions will take you in an entirely different direction – that’s the thing with philosophy! I’ll be interested to see where it takes you…

History: see the full instructions and resources on Notebook


Monday’s Notebook has pictures to remind you how to get into ‘Files’

Tuesday’s Notebook has pictures to remind you how to create Word docs

Monday’s blog has pictures to remind you how to get into Notebook!


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