Tuesday update

Sumdog Leaderboard:

Spelling: questions answered Briony 89, Chloe 70, Ella 68. I won’t put the accuracy on as I know there have been some issues which we hope will be sorted soon!

Reading: questions answered  Roxann 94, Ben 66, Tyler 50  Accuracy: Ellena 92%, Roxann 84%, Ben 83%

Maths: questions answered Riley 419, Jack Hen 272, Ruben 134    Accuracy: Ruben 95%, Jack Hen 94%,  Chloe 91%

Read Theory Quizes completed: only 16 today. Well done to Riley who did 9; Harry who did 5; and Rio who did 2.

It was slightly better than yesterday – let’s see if we can really go for it on Wednesday!

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