Tuesday 24.03.20

Lots of us managed to complete the tasks yesterday and were able to access the Notebook section of Teams. Yay! Hopefully, your timetable will be helping you to plan your days and you will be able to adapt it as necessary. Today’s tasks are as follows (also on today’s Notebook in more detail):

  • Remember, you have until the end of today to complete your initial assessments on Sumdog. There are still quite a lot of people that haven’t done this.
  • Read for 15 mins and update your reading record.
  • Newsround
  • PE with Joe
  • Class novel meeting at 1pm – remember to mute!
  • Practise your weekly spellings in your target book – I have found a way on Sumdog for us to have our test as usual on Thursday. If you can, get an adult to test you.
  • English: Handwriting and Reading task on ‘Notebook’ (put in purple books please)
  • History: Workhouse task on ‘Notebook’ (either in purple books or try creating a Word or PowerPoint doc -there is an explanation on how to do this in the notebook)

If you can’t remember how to get on Notebook, look at Monday’s post to remind yourself. If you still can’t do it, look at the comments on Teams. If you still can’t do it, can you ask a friend? I’ll be on Teams waiting to see how you get on πŸ™‚

Hopefully, that should keep you busy!! I’m sure I’ll hear from you soon…



20 thoughts on “Tuesday 24.03.20

    1. It was another week on homophones and near homophones:
      advice/advise, devise/device, steel/steal, pretends/pretence, practise/practice, accept/except, effect/affect, air/heir, maze/maize, aural/oral.

      Can anyone post what Miss Taylor’s words were?

  1. Hi Miss larkin on the workhouses life for the reading questions do we need to write the question out then answer it

  2. Hi miss Larkin I am having fun at school I have done the exercise and watched newsround I might not be able to join the meeting I will be going on Sumdog now bye

    1. Leave it a while and try again in a bit. Lots of systems are struggling at the moment because of high demand…

  3. Hi Mrs Larkin & Year 6,
    Just to let you all know we are not operating some kind of Victorian workhouse here at Casa Bagshaw. Harry only is expected to do 5 chores to earn his bread and gruel!

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