Monday update

Great job today! I’ve decided we’ll have 6pm as a cut off point for daily updates on Sumdog & Read Theory. You can still continue to play after 6pm of course but try to be aware of your screen time 😉

Sumdog Leaderboard:

Spelling: questions answered Harry 120, Ellena 89,   Ruben 89,  Keira 84   Accuracy: Jack Hen 100%, Hanna 98%, Ruben 94%

Reading: questions answered Alyssa 159, Ellena 119, Roxann 86  Accuracy: Ruben 97%, Ellena 89%, Scarlett 88%

Maths: questions answered Summer 330,  Jack Hen 215, Chloe 192    Accuracy Ben 100%, Harland 96%, Hanna 95%

Read Theory Quizes completed: 7127

I think we have forgotten Read Theory in our rush to do everything else! Alyssa was the only one to log on today 😬 I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day!

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