Wednesday 18th March

You’ve probably heard about the changes coming into place with school closures etc -especially if you’ve been watching Newsround 😉 – and whilst everything might seem a bit strange and new at the minute, I just wanted to remind you of everything that’s in place and planned so far.

  • The blog will be updated regularly for the usual posts, challenges and links to interesting things. You can also use this as a way of contacting me if you need to.
  • By the end of Thursday, you should all be up and running with your Office 365 accounts. We will be having some more time on Thursday to go over all of the features.
  • There will be activities for you to take part in on Teams: I will try to make sure it’s very clear what you need to do but you can always ask questions or ask for help if you need to. It might take us a while to get to expert level with it but I’m confident that we’ll absolutely nail it together.
  • Teams can also be used to get in contact with me if you would like to.
  • I will still be working throughout the day from home and part of my work will be checking the blog and Teams so you shouldn’t have to wait long if you contact me in these ways.
  • Activities will be set on Sumdog (everyone should be very confident with accessing these).
  • We will have the Read Theory challenge as usual.
  • We are in a brilliant Newsround routine and I really want us to try to continue with this every day.
  • Everybody has chosen some cracking books today so we can lose ourselves in them each day.
  • I have promised to continue with class novel everyday so we’ll probably get through more of that than we would have done in school 🙂 I’ll test out a few different ways of delivering that to you and we’ll decide on the best way but I guarantee voices will still be included!
  • We’ll have some kind of Cyber Good News assembly on a Friday … details to follow!

You’re probably also wondering what will happen about SATs too, right? The honest answer is we don’t know for sure yet but we do know that we need to keep learning! I know we’ll all be giving 100% ; don’t forget that  we’re Priory people though so that won’t be a problem for us! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Wednesday 18th March

  1. Hi I was wondering what type of activities will you be giving us ? And how will you get them. would we use our purple books ?

    1. There will be all sorts of different things but mainly ideas that don’t require you to be looking at a screen too much! I’ll either post them on the blog or on Teams

    1. Either Mr Cawkill or I will get in contact tomorrow and make arrangements to get everything to you 🙂

    1. I’ve seen your message on teams so it looks like you’ve managed to sort it 🙂 We’ll keep learning together – there will definitely be no ABC club only celebrations of all of the positive things you’re all going to do 🙂

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