Planets and their moons

Here is the link for the homework. I think a few people have had problems getting on to the video so I’ll play it again tomorrow. As it’s so late now, don’t worry if you don’t get chance to complete the homework. Sorry!

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  1. Sorry i didn’t come in school today i’m ill. But i still want to hear what u guys have been doing
    I have done my homework
    just final touches on my projects

    1. πŸ™ I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. We had a busy day (as usual!): we sorted out the homework, gave out a new piece about negative numbers, did some extra work on negative numbers and watched Newsround. We began a new text in English and worked a little more on percentages in Cool2Learn.
      This afternoon, Mr Littlewood did some more Victorian storytelling and we continued with our Penn work.
      I’m pleased you managed to a have a go at the blog challenges and hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Hi miss i remember that Mercury has 0 moons . Venus has 0 moons. Earth has 1 moon Luna. Mars has 2 moons. Jupiter has 62 moons. Saturn has 69 moons. Uranus has 72 moons . And Neptune has 14 moons

  3. Mercury= No moons
    Venus= No moons
    Earth= 1 moon
    Mars= 2 moons
    Jupiter= At least 69 moons
    Saturn= At least 62 moons
    Uranus= At least 27 moons
    Neptune= At least 14 moons

  4. Hi!!!I hope your all having an amazing day,I wish I could come to school but I’m ill.Ive been doing hit the button so I don’t forget my times table and so I can do a bit of work.Have a nice day!!!πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t think we’ll be able to go into FSU at the moment so we’ll have to come up with an alternative prize….

  5. Hi Mrs Larkin you know our office365 accounts could we use them for home stuff too?

    Some people are panicking about the coronavirus and schools closing. Id just like to tell you all that the virus is just like a flu and if you get it you shouldn’t be badly affected.

    Now I have a challenge I am thinking of a number which is between 40 and 100 it is divisible by 11 5 1 and it is odd can you tell me what number i am thinking of ????????

    1. Thanks for your sensible post, Briony πŸ™‚ In answer to your question about using the accounts for home stuff: yes, I think you can use all of the features. Were you thinking about using the word and powerpoint? Or something else?

      1. I was just thinking because if we like our parents needed to write something and print it for work or something like that I was just wondering if we could or even if we wanted to just write a story!

  6. I’ve heard about the online school thing where we do maths and learning on it,but I’m not sure what time we need to go on it and what to do,[i’m not very good with computers but ill try my best so I get a great SATS score.]I really hope its only 2 weeks off and not 2 months then we would have no time to learn more to pass our papers.Anyways stay safe and have a lovely day/night.I’m going to do some read theory so my table can win,AGAIN,like last week.bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy πŸ™‚ Don’t worry too much about the online stuff – we’ll get it sorted and you’ll easily be able to get up and running with it

  7. Hi I’ve been thinking on how I could learn what you guys are learning in school time. I came up with the craziest idea,it was to be on the phone to one of our students in class time so I can see the board then I can do the learning I know, it’s crazy πŸ€ͺ😊

    1. I think it’s a brilliant idea! I’m going to talk to Mr Cawkill: although you probably won’t be able to be on a call during class time (for online safety reasons) there might be something we can do. Leave it with me…..

  8. I think schools are closing till the minimum of April the 20th maximum September I think but I hope not Ellena yes they are closing

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