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Happy Half Term!!

We’re half way through Year 6; can you believe it?

We had some high knowledge points this week again on Read Theory and we exercised our democratic right to vote for what the next prize will be. Even though Robert Peel table keep smashing it, lots of you want the chance to win points for your table so we’ll go back to that. The new challenge is to complete 100 quizzes as a table by Thursday 27.02.20 to earn 10 points for your table.

I have also made a challenge for each table so that you can post facts about your person. The best one (judged by Mrs Neal who is our History lead) will win a further 15 points for their table. This challenge will also end on Thursday 27.02.20

Don’t forget you can also be working on your homework projects, playing hit the button, working on your spellings and reading too! Happy half term! 🙂

Atlanta’s Percentage Challenge

1 . 34 %  x 643 =
2. 12 %  of 38 =
3 . 19 %  x 981 =

4 There was a three class vote about what reward the classes wanted.  21 % Voted for class picnics and 46 % wanted laptop time. What was the difference between the two percentages? Explain your answer.

5. What percentage wanted extra sport?

6. Overall there was 90 votes. How many people wanted class picnics?

You rose to the challenge!

A fantastic twenty one of you did the Read Theory challenge this week completing 878 quizzes altogether! So many of you earned far more than the required 100 Knowledge Points but we must give a special mention to Lilymae who earned 1513, Atlanta with 1831 and Ruben with 2446 🙂

This week’s challenge is to earn 100 or more Knowledge Points again. Some people have asked for a change to the prize so anyone meeting the challenge will earn 5 raffle tickets per multiple of 100 KPs. We’ll see how many of you complete it and then decide whether we want to go back to table points being the prize….