Happy New Year!

A few people have blogged and asked what the new Read Theory challenge is: I’ll add signatures for Jack Hen, Hanna, Courtney and two points for each of their new tables as they’ve been on at least 15 quizzes each since we’ve broken up for the holidays. As it’s now 2020, the new challenge starting today is each person that completes 20 quizzes will earn 20 points for their table!

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I did not do all 15 but HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR EVERYONE and I
    have a goal for this year and it is to get at least 170 on my SATS
    and get all A’s on my report

  2. Hi everybody,did you have a nice Christmas? I certainly did! I’ve come up with a brain teaser, are you ready? Ok good luck:lets play guess my two words this round is super easy. I will say the answer next week.

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