Atlanta’s animal challenge

We got a guinea pig about 5 weeks ago. We called it Biscuit and it was squeaking when I fed it so I googled what it was and it meant it was thankful for its food. If you have an animal that makes a sound tell me the type of animal, the name of the sound and what it means.

5 thoughts on “Atlanta’s animal challenge

    1. 🙁 Is there an animal you could research? Perhaps you could do our chickens (which are Lohmann Browns) or our ducks (which are Khaki Campbells)…

  1. I saw that dogs bark when they are eating food because they are telling the owner that it is yummy (I would eat the food and then tell my parent that it was yummy but dogs are different I suppose) Also I’m on my new laptop I got for Christmas so it is taking a long time . Nearly there

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