We have spotted so many connections between the different areas of our learning this week! We were finding out more about the classification of living things and then we realised that some of us had been reading about bacteria and viruses on Read Theory. Then we were doing our blogging morning mission for Advent about the meanings of names and there were links to classification again as well as links to our word roots work earlier in the term. Lots of our names have Greek and Latin origins! Mr Littlewood’s storytelling linked with our Ancient Greek workshop during our trip to Wollaton Hall and absolutely tons of our Maths work this week has built on the things we have learned earlier on in Key Stage 2. I wonder what we will notice next week!

Learn Its for next week will continue to be 7 x 8 = 56, 8 x 8 = 64 and 9 x 8Β  = 72

Here is the link to the website we were looking at in Science; there was so much to look at and not enough time!

Read Theory update:

King of the Knowledge Points: Jack Hen on 10,132

Most quizzes completed this week: Atlanta with 97

Plato: 177 = 20 table points

Aristotle: 38

Socrates: 125 = 20 table points

Pythagoras: 180 = 30 table points!!

Zeno: 3

Next week’s challenge: each member of your table that completes 15 quizzes will earn your table 5 points…

31 thoughts on “Connections!

  1. Well done Plato,Aristotle, Zeno and Socrates you have still got some time to win the table points😊😊

  2. Hi Miss Larkin I have enjoyed learning about the classification in living things in Science.
    My table Zeno will try and do the read theory challenge. Well done to all the tables who got 20 or 30 points for your table. Well done to Jack Henderson for being king of the knowledge points.Well done to Atlanta for completing the most quizzes. I am going to do the read theory challenge.Also I liked when we did the backdrop for the winter scene today. Have a nice weekend Miss Larkin.

  3. Why can’t I go on the link?It says privacy error and my dad says it could give me a virus but I really want to go on it

    1. Maybe it’s your anti virus software blocking it. It is a safe site because it’s the University of Manchester but sometimes if there’s a game on the site might get blocked. Sorry!

  4. Well done Pythagoras for winning the table points challenge. I hope Zeno win it this time because we have never won it before. Miss Larkin if we do more quizzes do we get extra table points?

  5. Ive just been reading with my mum and it got to the end of the chapter and it said he thought something wrong was going happen. And he was right it was. So my mum made me stop until tomorrow but I really want to pick it up 😀😭

    1. πŸ˜‚ Good for Mum! I love leaving a story on a cliffhanger when we read together but I know how you feel; I’ve had to stay up late a couple of times during the holidays because my book was too good to put down! 🀭

  6. Well done Chloe on getting star of the term, You definitely deserve it more that anybody in our class. Now I shall take Chloe’s advice to get star of the year or term

  7. Well done Lexi for the hardest quizzes done in y6, well done Jack Hen for the most quizzes taken although Atlanta Harry Chloe and Ruben are catching up to you =[].Will they beat you?… Jack they’re coming for you….

  8. What is the challenge now…?I want to go on read theory but I don’t know the challenge. Also,have a merry Christmas!See you next year!!

    1. You’re up late! We miss you too and often think about you πŸ™‚ It’s good to hear that you’re getting on well at Portland though πŸ™‚

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