Chloe’s surname challenge

Find your last name and what it means. For example my last name is Hall and that means kind or forgiving. Once you have done that , see if you can find your family last name meaning. For example my dad’s last name means to smite or strike.

10 thoughts on “Chloe’s surname challenge

  1. My surname now is Irish and evolved from O Lorcain which meant rough or fierce. Before I was married, my surname was Parkin and comes from Anglo Saxon times. It means son of Peter.

  2. Aryee means to inspire and to lead
    And my mum’s old last name Hancock comes from a 13 century saying. They said a woman who stood still was called a cock like a cockrel

    1. Nice my middle name is Leigh and its meaning is delicate meadow or pasture in old English. Also my name can be a boy or girls name but just spelt differently

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