We’ve had a really interesting week in Year 6! On Monday, Mr Littlewood shared a story with us about Heracles; we can’t wait to find out what next week’s story is! We learned more about the origins of democracy in our history lesson on Wednesday and had a very philosophical debate about who was allowed to vote in ancient Greece and who is allowed to today. We had lots of differing opinions on whether this is and was fair! In our science work, we began finding out about the classification of living things into the five kingdoms. What can you remember from the lesson?

Our Learn Its next week will be 7 x 8 = 56, 8 x 8 = 64 and 9 x 8 = 72

Read Theory update: we have completed a whopping 756 quizzes as a class and unbelievably, Jack Hen did 400 of those !!!!!

King of the Knowledge Points, most points earned this week and most quizzes completed this week: Jack Hen on 9818 (which is unsurprising given how much work he’s putting into it!)

This week’s Read Theory challenge is the same as last week: complete 60 quizzes on your table to earn 10 points.

Extra challenge: can you find out what ‘Advent’ means in Latin and when it begins this year?



18 thoughts on “29.11.19

  1. Hi Miss Larkin I am going to try and do some read theory quizzes this week for Zeno.
    Well done to the tables who all did 60 quizzes as a table together.The five kingdoms are the Animalia, Fungi,Protista ,Plantae,Monera.

  2. The word advent means coming in Latin and it began this year on Sunday, 1 December and ends on Tuesday, 24 December.

  3. Kingdom monera is the kingdom of bacteria . They are too numerous to count and can be found everywhere imaginable. Also I have a question, Do you know when the elf film is?

  4. Im trying my best to blog as much as I can this week and also get lots of stamps,
    who is ready for Christmas?I know I am

  5. The word ‘Advent’ in Latin means coming….
    I’m really going to put some effort in the read theory challenge this week whilst also going on prodigy!I hope I win the projects thing…I won it last year for my Viking projects I think and they got on the wall.

  6. I just found out from read theory that antibacterial soap is worse than normal soap because it has to stay on your hands for at least two minutes,the bacteria (from kingdom monera) will start to resist it and won’t die and it also kills your good germs so its bad for your body.
    I just realised I forgot to put that advent starts on 1st December and ends 24th December

    1. Nice link to our science learning! I suppose there are positives and negatives to using antibacterial soap and it has to be used according to the instructions for it to be effective!

  7. On read theory I read that fungi is plural and fungus is single.Also it can be found and grown everywhere.Even up your nose πŸ‘ƒ. Fun fact fungus can help fight sickness

    1. Wow! It’s amazing how many links people are making between their learning in class and other facts they come across. Read Theory is so good for expanding our general knowledge about the world πŸ˜‰

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