Wonderful Wollaton

We had a fantastic time on our trip to Wollaton Hall on Friday. The day began with Greek story telling and mask making and then we spent the afternoon exploring the fossils and taxidermy animals. As we walked back to the bus at the end of the visit, we saw three deer relaxing in the park too!


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Read Theory update:

Most quizzes taken: Jack Hen with 37 (and all above pre-test level)

Most Knowledge Points earned: Harry with 461

King of the Knowledge Points: Jack Hen with 6537

15 quiz challenge: Harry, Lee, Jack Hen, Rio

This week’s challenge: Complete 60 quizzes as a table and earn ten points for your table

15 thoughts on “Wonderful Wollaton

  1. I really enjoyed the trip I hope I can go again my favourite part was the museum but I really enjoyed the mask making

  2. hi I loved our trip it was so fun, I really liked the museum although the mask making was fun.Today’s booster lesson was super fun we did long division it was quite difficult but i managed to do it =]

  3. I had a very fun time at the trip my favourite part is the mask making and watching the deer in their natural habitat

  4. I loved the trip because we could make a mask and the museum because it was scary near the entrance and I liked it when we were watching the deer in their natural habitat

  5. We really enjoyed the trip to Wollaton Hall it was great. Also we liked creating our own mask. I loved when we saw the deer.

  6. I really enjoyed the trip ^^ I can’t believe we got that close to the deer!I enjoyed making the mask but it kept falling off of my face.I liked going through the museum and it was my favourite thing we did.

  7. I enjoyed the trip and would go again. I loved how we made the mask and I am proud I made the 15 quizzes. Also I am proud of Jack Hen,Lee and Rio.

  8. I really enjoyed making the masks also I enjoyed watching the deer in the habitat because it was different.Looking at the creatures in the cases was my favourite part of the whole museum. Well done Jack for doing 400 quizzes. Well done Plato for winning the table points.

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