Harry’s Challenge

I am setting a challenge for everyone.
You have £5.45 to spend and you buy 6 tomatoes and each tomato is worth 25p.
You also bought 4 bananas each worth 20p and you buy a sweet worth £2.20.
How much cash does the shopkeeper give me back?

9 thoughts on “Harry’s Challenge

  1. Hey!!!Sorry I can’t come to school today….All of Worksop is flodded so I can’t catch the bus because all the bus station is flooded as well!!Please tell me who got Star Of The Week and what for.Thank you!^-^

    1. It’s a bit of a nightmare in Worksop with the flooding so I’m not surprised you couldn’t make it in! Lee was star of the week for his positive attitude to the new half term as well as his brilliant efforts with his handwriting 🙂

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