Briony’s challenge

6 oranges 64p
6 pears 60p
one bar of chocolate 36p
if you have£ 2.45 and you spend 64p on oranges but you need to get some pears as well how much money will you have left to buy chocolate? Or would you have nothing?

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  1. Hi Miss Larkin on read theory I am on 3559 KP points I am trying to get past 4000 KP by the end of the week also I am trying to do the read theory challenge.

  2. I give it a go.

    2.45 36 121
    -0.64 +36 108
    1.81 72 023
    – 0.60 36
    1.21 108

    You would have 1 pound 21p
    and to add on you would be able to buy three chocolate bars with 23p change

  3. 64 + 60 = 124
    245 – 124 = 121
    36 + 36 = 72 + 36 = 98 + 36 = 134

    You will have 23p left for change and you can buy 3 chocolate bars.

  4. I cannot wait for the two weeks’ holiday. Some people think holiday: games all day. But my goal is to finish my book ( demon dentist). Also, I want to do my projects and help Leo and maybe Braden to do theirs. So far Socrates are in the lead but we want to change that so we will win.

  5. Well done Aristotle for winning this week I’m curious for who is going to win neither Zeno nor Pythagorous nor Socrates have won yet

  6. Briony’s Challenge
    Step one. 64p + 60p =£1.24
    Step two. £2.45
    I hope the new chickens are amazing and will lay lots of eggs.
    I also hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday.

    1. I hope they do too! I think they will be 17 weeks when we get back to school so hopefully not long to wait now 🙂

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