This week we have said goodbye to our chickens as they are retiring to a farm near Gainsborough. After half term, we will be welcoming four new hens so we thought we should make ourselves experts in their care. Take a look at this website for LOTS of handy information. If you have time, read the ‘Grit’ section and let us know why it’s so important that we provide grit for our girls.

In our knowledge lessons, we have continued to learn the months of the year in Italian and Thomas has been helping us to perfect our accents. Here’s the video if you want to watch the song again.

Our Learn Its next week will be 6 x 4 = 24, 7 x 4 = 28 and 8 x 4 = 32

Read Theory Update: 366 quizzes this week. Signatures for…

  • Plato is the only table where every person has completed at least ten quizzes so 10 table points to them (it’s Thursday night so I will check again in the morning just in case)
  • Most quizzes: 52 by Summer
  • Most points earned: 1094 by Summer
  • Every quiz above pre-test level: Scarlett, Jack Hen and Aron
  • King of the Knowledge Points: Jack Hen again! Chloe, Ruben and Harry are catching up though…

We’ll have one more week with the same challenge before I change it and start setting individual challenges. I’ll add ten table points again for tables where every person completes ten quizzes. Maybe the new prizes in the prize box might convince the reluctant ones to join in!


13 thoughts on “10.10.19

  1. Grit is important because chickens have no teeth so they use grit to grind their food. I learned this after our lesson. Well done to the rest of our table for winning

  2. Hi Miss Larkin I’m really sad that the chickens have gone to Gainsbrough but I am happy that we’re getting four new hens also on the website we found out that pears and avacodos can be poisonous for them. I liked learning the months of the year in Italian that Thomas taught us.All of our table Zeno is going to try and go for the read theory challenge.

  3. 6 oranges 64p
    6 pears 60p
    one bar of chocolate 36p
    if you have£ 2.45 and you spend 64p on oranges but you need to get some pears as well how much money will you have left to buy chocolate? Or would you have nothing? Pythagoras might not have won this week but we will go for it again.I’m trying to go on it every day and do 10 quizzes

  4. I found out that you Introduce a new hen at night to the coop when it is dark. They will not fight in the dark and it will give the other chickens a chance to get used to the new smell and environment.

  5. Hey Mrs Larking hope you’re doing ok I’m missing you I will come and visit you soon and hope the chickens situation goes well x

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