It’s the weekend!

That was an action packed week! We really enjoyed our zumba lesson on Monday in PE with a few of us having the opportunity to be the instructors! In science, we had a trial run at finding and measuring our pulses before we do our experiment next week. Our maths has focussed on addition and subtraction and Real Life applications and our Learn Its scores have once again improved dramatically! Mrs Larkin taught us our first Y6 song for remembering, which was about relative pronouns. See what I did there?! πŸ˜‰

Our geography work was to really secure our locating of the countries we have come across in our KS2 topics. Maybe you could impress your adults by showing them where Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Poland, Japan, USA, Iraq, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Greece are on a blank world map?

Can you remember all ten of the chemical symbols for Oxygen, Hydrogen, Gold, Silver,Β  Aluminium, Neon, Helium, Chlorine, Iron and Copper?

Read Theory is starting to take off: as a class we have completed 422 quizzes in just one week! Signatures for…

  • Most quizzes: 124 by Chloe
  • Most points earned: 2612 by Chloe
  • Every quiz above pretest level: Jack Hen
  • King of the Knowledge Points: 5878 Jack Hen

I’m setting a new challenge… if you can persuade every member of your topic group to complete at least ten quizzes before next Friday, I’ll add ten table points to your score!


27 thoughts on “It’s the weekend!

  1. hi miss Larking
    oxygen: O
    hydrogen: H
    copper: Cu
    Zeno ,our table, will try and do the read theory challenge.
    have a great weekend! you’re the best teacher ever

  2. Hi Miss Larkin i enjoyed our first ever song in year 6 about relative pronouns and they are which, whose, that ,who.
    The chemical symbol for hydrogen is H, oxygen is O, gold is AU, silver is AG,helium is HE,chlorine is CL,aluminum is AL,iron is FE,neon is NE,copper is CU.
    I am going to try and get my table points so we might win.
    In science when we did try and find our pulses at first I couldn’t find mine in the end I found it but it took a while.I have looked at the knowledge organiser and remember pretty much everything.
    I also have learned what the chemical symbol for gallium is GA,titanium is TI,carbon is C,nitrogen is N,nickel is NI and kryton is KR.

    1. What a fab post, Chloe! You are working so hard on everything and there is your super spelling work in your target book too πŸ˜‡

    1. You were the first table to get cracking πŸ™‚ If you really smash it, maybe I’ll add even more than ten table points 🀫

  3. I hope i get these right
    oxygen: O
    hydrogen: H
    copper: Cu

  4. O oxygen
    H hydrogen
    Au gold
    Ag silver
    He helium
    Ne neon
    Cl chlorine
    Al aluminium
    Fe iron
    Cu copper
    I am having so much fun in year 6 and I will tell my table about the challenge

  5. Pythagoras table is up to this challenge We all enjoy read theory. We will try our best. When our we getting our new chickens. I will miss the old ones.

  6. o-oxygen
    I learned one more
    i really like year six and i want to do the read theory challenge for points but somebody doesn’t want to

  7. I am making sentences up and saying what I mean. FANBOYS!
    We will manage it for it will help us win.
    We need to do the challenge but it is tricky.
    Wow some of our table have done the challenge so we will win

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