Perfect pears

We have had a brilliant week! On Monday we had the chance to actually bake the Pear & Almond Flapjack Tart that we have been using for our real life maths, SPAG and Reciprocal Reading. Some of us thought we might not like it but we all had a taste of it and were impressed with the results!

We have enjoyed getting fabulously fluent in our CLIC lessons: the crown has been passing between us so quickly as we become faster and faster with our recall! We are finding it very useful tracking back and working on our 3 x table Learn Its – even in Year 6! Lots and lots of us increased our score today on the Learn Its challenge.

In science, we have continued to look at the circulatory system and Miss Cottingham was mightily impressed when she came to quiz us about blood. She thought she had walked into a Year 7 or 8 classroom because we were so knowledgeable and confident in our explanations!

In Geography, we have been locating the countries that we have previously studied in KS2 and this time it was Miss Ward’s turn to be impressed! Atlanta has a geography based challenge for you all…

I want to know what language is spoken in Ghana and where it is located on the map. I came up with this because we were talking about maps and where things are located on the map on Wednesday

I’m pleased to say there has been an increase in our use of Read Theory this week. I’ll be adding a signature for

  • Chloe who’s earned 2575 Knowledge Points
  • Jack Hen who not only has completed 45 quizzes this week but because he has been so accurate in his answers, each quiz has been at an increased difficulty level
  • Jack Hen (again) for being King of the Knowledge Points with a total of 5786

6 thoughts on “Perfect pears

  1. Hi Miss Larkin I have really enjoyed the real life maths what we have being doing. In my clic I got 10/10 and in my safe I got 9/10 and I got the days on wrong I was one of from the anwser. I am really like read theory I think its a great reading test. When we made the almond and flapjack tart I didn’t think I was going to like it but I was impressed with the results. In geography I didn’t think was going to get any of the countries right but I got a few of them right.
    Periodic table:
    H= hydrogen
    O= oxygen
    AU=gold is for au i like your gold

    Can you figure out my question?

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    1. It’s been a week full of nice surprises then! Thanks for the great comments and for setting a challenge of your own. Two more stamps on the blog log for you 😉

  2. I had a very fun time this week to expand at the weekend I jumped up 2 levels on read theory. But here is more Courtney will be joining us at school on Monday

    1. Good news all round! Nice work on the Read Theory and a stamp on the blog log for you for coming on in your own time 🙂

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