13 thoughts on “26.09.19 Morning Mission

  1. Yesterday we did a reciprocal read about the heart. We did learn its. We also had to locate countries on the world map.
    On Monday we made delicious pear and almond tart.It was really yummy!
    On Tuesday we did DARE and learnt about tobacco and cannabis. We did P.E and played bench ball and botcher.In ICT we did this code thing where we made our own game and decorated the world and made a character move around.It was like Minecraft

  2. Yesterday, we mostly learnt about the heart and that was my favourite lesson of the day.
    But my favourite lesson was making the pear flapjack and the cross country. Thanks for so many great lessons this week miss Larkin

  3. We were doing maths but mostly measuring in Maths. We also did some English about the discontented fish then we learned about the heart. We sang at the church and read lots.
    Challenge -Write the number in words

  4. On Monday we learnt about how to make pear and almond flapjack tart , then on Tuesday we did DARE and p.e. and ict in p.e we did benchball and botcher. On Wednesday we did maths and did some real life maths. We also looked at the periodic table

  5. On Monday we did cooking we made pear and almond flapjack tart mmmmm yummy
    On Tuesday we did DARE and P.E and I.C.T,in P.E we did bench ball.
    On Wednesday we did a really good reciprocal read,it was amazing every body had their hands up:they wanted table points.
    On Thursday we are doing maths,music and science.YAY!!!!!
    Periodic table:
    gold,au like au i like your gold
    me and Rio and really good at it.
    My favourite assembly this week so far is Mr Anderson’s assembly it was when me and Harry stood at the front,we got told instructions for what we had to draw, Harry did them all wrong and I did it all right.Have a good week!

  6. On monday I came in and I was exited to do baking. I wasn’t sure if I would like to eat it but I still tried it at the end. We came in not knowing what to do but being told to wash our hands.Then we lined up ready to go into the staff room. We went to the staff room and we were split into our house teams Clumber, Sherwood, Welbeck and Rufford. Then we got set to work. One of the things I liked to do was cutting the pastry after it was placed into the tin. I like this because I thought it was fascinating how it does it so quick but so neat.It was a good technique to learn.


    After break we did dare and we watched a video about Amilia taking an e-cig because she was being peer pressured by her friend.
    After lunch we did bench ball and boccia I got star of the session (Lilymae) .

  7. On Monday we did some great cooking, we made some pear&almond flapjack tart.
    Tuesday we did dare,in dare we watched a video of Amelia trying a vape and her getting grounded.
    On Wednesday we did some real life maths, at the end we could make our own puzzles.
    Can you figure mine out?


  8. On Monday we did some baking in our teams by Welbeck, Rufford, Sherwood and Clumber.
    On Tuesday we did we did dare,maths and at the end of the day we did ICT and P.E.
    On Wednesday we did English and other fun stuff.

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