And we’re off!!

We’ve really started to get stuck into Year 6 now and are getting used to all of the routines and expectations. We have enjoyed learning more about the circulatory and respiratory systems in Science, been very analytical in our English work on traditional tales and pushed ourselves to apply our knowledge of measures into lots of different Real Life Maths.

We loved estimating and measuring all of the weird and wonderful Marvellous Medicine ingredients on Roald Dahl day ….even if some of them were (in the words of the man himself) pretty ponking! In a sneak preview of next week’s Apple Week recipe, we have used a Reciprocal Reading session to make sure we’ll fully understand the instructions and in some more Real Life maths, we started to cost the ingredients that we’ll use. We can’t wait to cook and eat it on Monday!

In our Knowledge lessons, we’ve started our first topic which is to learn 10 chemical symbols on the periodic table.  We can find the atomic number, the element name, the chemical symbol and an example of what the element is used for; next stop will be learning the symbols by heart!

Can you figure out the answer to this riddle? Find the chemical symbols on your periodic table to work it out. What type of utensil is made from potassium, nickel and iron?

And finally, congratulations to Jack He who remains King of the Knowledge Points on Read Theory with 5255 points!!!

5 thoughts on “And we’re off!!

  1. I don’t have my periodic table with me but I remember:
    And helium
    And well done Jack *virtual claps to you*
    I’ve just got my bookbag
    I can’t find potassium
    But coins are made from nickle and plugs are made from copper I don’t understand

    On my learn its I was soooooooo close to getting full marks!!!On my SAFE I made a silly mistake and got nine.

    Thank you so much for star of the week!!!!!

    1. You’re very welcome 🙂 When you have your periodic table, have a look at what the chemical symbols are and it should become clearer…

  2. The periodic table :
    Have a great weekend
    I like when we did the baked the almond and flapjack tart it was scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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