Morning Mission 19.9.19

Think back to our Topic Launch work on the Greek origins of some words and their prefixes. Can you remember what each means and add a word for each of these?

1. Therm

2. Hydr

3. Scope

4. Bio

5. Logy

6. Chron


15 thoughts on “Morning Mission 19.9.19

    1. Hi Oviya 🙂 Thank you for coming to blogging club. I wasn’t sure about where the word hamster originally comes from but I’ve had a quick look and I think it comes from German language

  1. 1 therm means heat

    2 hydr means water

    3 logy means to study

    4 scope means a small viewing

    5 bio means life

    6 chron means time

  2. Therm means heat.
    Hydr means water.
    Logy means to study something.
    scope means viewing.
    Bio means life.
    Chron means time.

  3. Therm means warmth:
    Hydr means water:
    Scope means viewing instrument:
    Bio means life:
    Logy means to study:
    Chron means time:

    PS:I think Alyssa will get star of the week

  4. Hi Mrs Larkin, I am very glad that I got house captain also
    therm means heat example thermal
    hydr mean water example hydrate
    logy means study example biology
    scope means viewing instrument example telescope
    bio means life example biography
    chron means time example chronologically

  5. Hi Mrs Larkin,

    Therm means heat :thermal.
    Hydr means water:hydrate
    Logy means study:biology

    hope you have nice weekend

  6. Vi posso dire una cosa di questa scuola quando sono venuto in questa scuola non mi aspettavo che in 2 giorni mi facevo tanti amici le maestre sono favolose spiegano le cose benissimo specialmente quella di matematica e quella di italiano poi i miei compagni mi anno’ accolto tanto e mi anno aiutato molto poi loro le cose difficili le fanno diventare facile.

    I can tell you something about this school when I came to this school I didn’t expect that in two days I would make so many friends the teachers are fabulous they explain things very well especially that of mathematics and that of Italian then my classmates welcomed me so much and they helped me a lot, then they make difficult things become easy.

    1. What lovely things to say about Priory school, Thomas 🙂 We are very pleased that you have joined us and are settling in so well! We are enjoying learning a little bit of Italian but I think you are doing better with how quickly you are learning to speak English!

      Che belle cose da dire sulla scuola del Priorato, Thomas 🙂 Siamo molto contenti che tu ti sia unito a noi e ti stia ambientando così bene! Ci stiamo divertendo imparando un po ‘di italiano ma penso che stai andando meglio con la velocità con cui stai imparando a parlare inglese!

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