We’ve made lots of memories in Year 6 but I’d like you to think back over ALL of your time at Priory and share your best bits….

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  1. All of it . Mrs larkin I can’t pick parts of Priory years that I have enjoyed. Life at Priory has been too great of a time!

  2. Priory was so much fun and I’ll miss it a lot. One of my best moments was in year 3 when we made our own sandwiches. Another was in year 2 when I got a warm welcome to the school by everyone. Priory singers were also fun but when we sang at night that wasn’t the best (I ran into dark vader).

  3. Kendall: My Favourite Memory was the Yorkshire Wildlife Park because I saw a lot of animals I’ve never seen before.
    Mckenzie: My favourtie was camp because I explored more things and I just loved it all. Thank you for looking after me and thank you for providing all the fun things and thank you too Mr Abbott and Mrs Rawson.

    Thank you for looking after us in Year 6 and we will miss you From Kendall And Mckenzie.

  4. Hi Mrs Larkin I will miss you and all of the teachers. I have had a great year in year 6 . Thank you for helping me through this year . I have enjoyed the class book this year . All of the memories I have done through all of my primary years they have been fun . In year 6 the walks were really fun, I really enjoyed them . Also I will miss primary a lot . I will come back and visit you . You have been a star to me and helped me through SATs I am very thankful. xx
    Also have a great holiday and great times with other year 6’s . One more thing I will miss u lots xx

  5. Chloe: I found the most funny when we were doing our learn its and you were running high knees on the spot and fell into a bucket of water and broke the bucket and got wet.

    Jasmine: I found it funny when I was in year four and Miss Taylor when she was in a happy mood danced and made us all laugh and when I was in year five with Miss Cottingham’s singing.

    We will miss you loads Mrs Larkin, Miss Taylor, Mrs Patterson and Mrs Howard πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Mrs Larkin, me and Ruby R can not think of a favourite memory in Priory we have a lot of lovely memories from foundation stage with Mrs Bratley, Mrs Neal, Mrs Bacon and Mrs Hurt to a lovely teacher in year 6…YOU! Me and Ruby R will
    REEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY miss you and everyone at Priory! WE can NOT believe our time has ended at Worksop Priory.

  7. Hi Mrs Larkin, Barney and Karim here. We have really enjoyed our time at Priory!!! Some of our favourite memories are: Mrs Adshead blaming everything on Barney (messing up her desk, losing things), Karim calling Miss Taylor sleeping beauty when she laid on the floor, getting our SATs results and going down the zipline on camp.

  8. I remember when I first came to Priory (year 3) On the first day here, I was sat with my best mate and she still is Lakisha.

  9. Hi Mrs Larkin I have really enjoyed being in year 6 and I have bad so much fun with you and Mrs brown in pe and over sports events and trips. Thank you everyone for giving us all the best 7 years of our lives. We will never forget about all of the members of staff and the people in Priory.

  10. Hey Mrs Larkin on my way to camping. I am really sad that our time has already come to leaving Priory and saying goodbye to everybody in my school year😀😒. We have all had laughs, really exciting things that we have done in Priory and parts in the book where people have cried and I am sad that that has ended. But now we are starting a new chapter in all our lives an I will never forget how lovely and kind you are, maybe sometimes my mum might let me pick Oliver up and I can come say hi to you and all of the chickens and teachers! I will try to stay on the blog and keep in touch.πŸ™‚

    1. Lucky you going straight on holiday!! That sounds like a good plan; you know you’ll be welcome back anytime and I’ll be really keen to find out everything you’ve been up to πŸ™‚ Keep in touch over the summer on the blog – I will be checking it regularly. I’ll send a message with your brother about when the new Maz Evans book comes out and we can compare notes to see if it lives up to the Who Let the Gods Out books! xx

  11. Hi Mrs larkin again , I’m really sad that my time has ended at primary school but I will definitely come back and visit. I already miss your fun now I know it is time to move on up in my life to more in the future. I will keep memories in my heart and my brain forever you were the best at helping and everything I will miss u lots xx πŸ’‹

    1. Hi Ellie πŸ™‚ That’s just the right attitude to have!!! Have a brilliant summer and feel free to come on the blog anytime xx

  12. Hi Mrs Larkin back from camping Wednesday and off to Turkey today.
    Hope you have enjoyed the start of the summer. Looking forward to hearing about the new Maz Evans books! I’ll look forward to hearing more from you.

  13. Hi Mrs Larkin, I am enjoying Portland I know where nearly all my classes are. Hope the year 6 pupils are enjoying it, and you. I really miss y6 and all the teachers. Year 7 is easy because you don’t really need to start revising yet but you do get some small test about what you know and what you don’t know.

      1. Hi Mrs Larkin, I am still enjoying it I am not fed up yet. I haven’t got any consequences yet and no matrix or reflection rooms. I have made new friends in the past few weeks but sadly they all go on the bus. I am missing Mrs Brown but I will still remember her because my English teacher is called Mrs Brown. I am seeing a lot of my old friends in the corridor or on the way to classes or they are in my classes. I think the year 6s will like it, and they will learn their way around in about 2 or 3 days because in 2 days I knew where all of my classes are

        1. Hey πŸ–οΈ I don’t think you will get fed up! How’s the reading at Portland? What are you reading currently? We are reading the new Podkin book – it’s called Uki and the Outcasts. It has a couple of familiar faces and some new characters too πŸ™‚

  14. Hey, right now I am Reading Matilda. But in my spare time I am reading other books and getting up to date with my Homework. Next for my other school book I am going to be reading Mr Fox. Because they are very good books I tried to look for David Walliam books but I can’t find any. Hope you have a nice weekend.

    1. Yes, they are good books – you’ll definitely enjoy them πŸ™‚ Have you ha a look in the library for the David Walliams books?

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