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…and there’s more!

The next thing we did was attend the Ambitions careers event at Sparken Hill. There was a huge range of people there to tell us more about different careers and study options that we might want to pursue when we get older.

Sports Day was a huge success with the trophy going to Clumber House. Again!! Quite a few of us attended the Big Transition events at Portland to prepare us for the transition days this week. You can let us know how you’re getting on whilst you’re away if you want to!

In our science work, we have been finding out lots more about ‘Light’. I was very impressed with how you were able to talk about angles of incidence and reflection and how you applied this when you were making your periscopes!

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Our adventures turned then to Derbyshire. Having researched lots of different places, we visited Bakewell where we observed the livestock auction in action, took to the streets to complete some town surveys before hiking 7 miles! We were exhausted but very, very proud of ourselves and were rewarded with some delicious local delicacies. Bakewell tart beat Bakewell pudding by a mile when we voted on our favourite!!

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We still have another three and a bit weeks of learning left so check back in again soon to see what else we get up to: there’s lots more to come!!


Y6, we have been so busy, I haven’t put a blog on for a long time: I hope you’ll forgive me! I’m going to try and summarise everything we’ve been up to since our last blog post but it might need to run into two posts with all of the pictures…

We had a fantastic time working with our friends in Y5 on our DT pulleys work. We were set a challenge to safely transport something up or down a mountain (remembering that volcanoes are also a type of mountain!). Did anything surprise you that day? How did your system work out? What would you do differently next time?

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We also had the chance to meet the Year 6s from St Swithun’s when we enjoyed a writing workshop with them. We will be able to see some friendly faces now when we go on our shared residential with them in a couple of weeks. It was also a good chance to practise meeting new people ready for our transition to Year 7.

We had another day with Year 5 when we went to the Safety Zone event at Ranby. Can you remember which organisations were there to help us to stay safe?

The same week, we enjoyed our Faith experience with Ken when we found out lots more about worship in the Gurdwara and some of the symbols of Sikhism. Can you still remember what the 5 Ks are?