A week (and a bit) in pictures

It seems like I write this every time but take a look at the pictures to see a snapshot of just how busy we’ve been recently!

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And the good news is….. next week is going to be just as busy!!! We have got our final DARE lesson and another storytelling visit from Mr Littlewood on Monday, a Worksop walkabout to find and sketch Victorian buildings on Wednesday and extra sparkly golden time on Friday for everyone that completed three or more of the homework projects. If there’s anything you’re hoping to see on offer for golden time, make your suggestions here.

In between all of that, we’ll still be squeezing in plenty of everything else including working on our Learn Its which will be

9 x 12 = 108

11 x 12 = 132

12 x 12 = 144

I think we’d all better get plenty of rest over the weekend ready for all of that!!!

6 thoughts on “A week (and a bit) in pictures

  1. This week has been so busy and i can’t wait for mothering sunday. I loved going around town looking for Victorian houses (I saw some whilst I was coming to school).

  2. hi Mrs Larkin i really enjoyed Victorian day especially everybody’s other homework they were really good and some of the cakes as well.

  3. Hey Mrs Larkin, I liked our walkabout Yesterday afternoon. I also like the story that Mr Littlewood told us on Monday

  4. Hi yesterday i really enjoyed the walk and i saw lots of different things that were Victorian and lots of other people did as well. What was one of the different features on the houses yesterday?

  5. Hi mrs Larkin, the walk was absolutely amazing and I loved looking at the different features on the victorian houses and buildings. I also liked when we went to the library it was amazing, all the different newspaper clippings were so interesting learning about more and more victorian lives. I can’t wait to get those learn it’s stuck in my head :]

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