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A week (and a bit) in pictures

It seems like I write this every time but take a look at the pictures to see a snapshot of just how busy we’ve been recently!

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And the good news is….. next week is going to be just as busy!!! We have got our final DARE lesson and another storytelling visit from Mr Littlewood on Monday, a Worksop walkabout to find and sketch Victorian buildings on Wednesday and extra sparkly golden time on Friday for everyone that completed three or more of the homework projects. If there’s anything you’re hoping to see on offer for golden time, make your suggestions here.

In between all of that, we’ll still be squeezing in plenty of everything else including working on our Learn Its which will be

9 x 12 = 108

11 x 12 = 132

12 x 12 = 144

I think we’d all better get plenty of rest over the weekend ready for all of that!!!

Time flies in Y6!!!!!

We have got a little behind with our blog with being so busy!! Since our last post, we have found out lots more about Charles Darwin and his work on evolution, created some brilliant collages based on the painting ‘Northern River Scene’ by LS Lowry, finished our brilliant class book, ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ (and started the next one in the series), come dressed in our PJs for World Book Day, deepened our knowledge about working Victorian children, continued to perfect our 12x tables, been on a visit to the National Mining Museum (which was a cracker!), written a letter in role from Lord Shaftesbury to Queen Victoria and had a Science enrichment today with Miss Ward investigating the effects different wire lengths have on components in a circuit. Pheweee!!!

Share your thoughts on all that we’ve been up to here…