Tree of life

Watch this video. There are some words on here that we have come across in earlier learning. Can you tell me how these words relate to the video and what they mean? Pay close attention or you might miss them! Perhaps you can let us know if you spot any more as well…..





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  1. Hi Mrs Larkin there are 3 definitions for ancestor so here is the one we thought was accurate.An early type of animal or plant from which others have evolved.This relates to the dinosaurs in the video.We didn’t have time for the rest

    1. That’s great πŸ™‚ I’m really pleased with how carefully you thought about the right choice to explain the video. Well done!!

  2. Ancestor: a relative who lived thousands or millions of years ago.

    Diverse: a different variety of things.

    Vacant : an empty place.

    Tropics: imaginary lines of longitude.

  3. An ancestor is a relative who lived millions of years ago. Diverse is a different variety of things. vacant means there is space. tropis are imaginary lines of longitude.

  4. hi mrs Larkin ancestors are like the past animal of an animal diverse means the different varieties vacant means more space .

  5. We like the video because he said it loud and clear so we can hear him better. We like it because he explained more about the animals and the way that they are formed and the tree of life

  6. this is the definition of the tree of life from Google (in the Bible) the tree in the Garden of Eden bearing fruit which gave eternal life (Gen. 3:22–24). I thought it would be good because we are a church school πŸ™‚

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