Monthly Archives: February 2019

Half way through!!

We are half way through the term but also Year 6. Can you believe it?! We’ve got lots more great learning coming up: we are going to the library to look at census data from the Victorian era as well as our trip to the National Mining Museum to find out more about working down the pit in Victorian times.

We are going to be finding out a lot more about the different jobs children had to do during the Victorian period. What do you already know? I wonder if anyone has already started researching and has completed the job advert for the homework projects over half term…

It’s time to move on with our learn Its (onto the last step!) and we’ll be working on the 12 times table. Don’t forget about hit the button but in the meantime, we will focus first on

2 x 12 = 24

3 x 12 = 36

4 x 12 = 48

Filling in the blanks

We’ve had another busy week in Y6 this week. In English, we have continued our work on the Little Match Girl where we created some beautiful story paths as well as using the story to help us with lots of different grammar features. Can you write a detailed list that has colons and semi colons in it?

In topic, we started to look at parts of the world that were a part of the British Empire. Although a lot of the topic this term is history based, we found that we needed to recap on our geography learning! What can you remember about latitude, longitude and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn?

To begin with, we were finding it tricky to locate many places on a blank world map but we’ve worked really hard and we’re quite confident now with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Aden, India, South Africa, British East Africa, British New Guinea and British Guiana. There’s a lot more work to come around this though – not all of these places have the same names as they did in the Victorian era!

Over the weekend, can you find a way of remembering where Nigeria is located? Keep looking at your Knowledge Organiser to help you!