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Some of us were wondering how a paleontologist would extract a fossil found in a tar pit. Lakisha has very helpfully found a brilliant resource that answers this and lots more. There’s lots of information on the webpage and a short video that explains in more detail. Have a look if you get chance!!

In Science, we have been finding out more about the paleontologist, Mary Anning, and about how her ‘curiosities’ changed the world of Science.

Our Learn Its next week will be those niggly last three 11 x table facts:

10 x 11 = 110

11 x 11 = 121

12 x 11 = 132

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Lakisha’s Link

  1. that website was really interesting but its so sad how animals get stuck in tar and then they die. I liked learning about Mary Anning.

  2. Hi Mrs Larkin 10×11=110,11×11=121,11×12=132 The Thing That I Like The Most Is Clic because It Help Me Get Better At Maths.


  3. WOW !! Thanks for finding that website Lakisha, it helped me understand how to remove fossils from tar very well .

  4. Hi Mrs Larkin, 10×11=110 11×11=121 12×11=132 The thing that I like the most in maths is learn its because they help you when you times fractions

  5. Hi Mrs Larkin,it is nice to know that a lot of y6 liked the link about getting fossils out of tar pits and I will try to find more links about the things we learn about. Also I wish I could have made it to Oliver this week but I have heard enough about it to know that it was amazing!

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