We’ve been very busy this week!ย  We wrote some brilliant biographies about Queen Victoria during our topic work that were jam-packed with all of the facts and information we have been learning about her. Have you started your biography for the homework projects yet? Who have you decided to write about?

We had some excellent scores in the homework quiz about the human body – congratulations to everyone that scored 30/30!! We started a new biology topic in our Science work this week about adaptation and evolution. Maybe you could find out more about the famous Victorian biologist, Charles Darwin, and do your biography about him. I know lots of you were very interested in finding out more about endangered animals too. You might find this link interesting.

Our work in fractions continues so keep working on those times tables. Here’s a quick link to hit the button again for those of you who haven’t been on for a while!

Challenge: what does bio mean? How does it connect to our work this week? How many words can you find that have bio as their root?

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      1. Hi Mrs Larkin Bio is a noun and it means a Biography or short Biographical profile of someone.

        1. Great! All of these words have bio as their prefix ๐Ÿ™‚ You are correct when you say bio can be an informal noun ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a little clue: try searching for bio as a root word. It was originally a Greek word….

  1. Hi mrs Larkin I can think of some words with bio as their root e.g. biography, biologist, biology and biodegradable.
    Now I am going on one of the links.

  2. Hi mrs Larkin I am starting my biography about Queen Victoria. Bio means when it tells you about a little thing like maybe about Queen Victoria like we did. and I am enjoying the science we are doing and topic .

    1. I know what you’re thinking – sometimes people do say they have written a bio about a person and in this case it is like a shortened way of saying biography. Can you find out any more about bio as a prefix?

      1. Hi mrs Larking I have found a word what has bio in biogradable and it can be a substance or an object it can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisims and I went on the website with the vulnerable and endanger or critical danger and endanger means when they are nearly at the last one . vulnerable means when it has been harmed or possibility been attacked and it can be physically or emotionally a high risk of it being extinction and I will visit Lakisha website too .

  3. I liked doing the biography and learning about Queen Victoria, she had an interesting life. Well done to the people who did get 30/30 and its so sad to see a lot of animals dying forever from humans or they can’t adapt to their home

  4. Biography is a short biographical profile of someone,
    words that have bio in it: Biography,Biographical that’s all I know…

  5. Hi Mrs Larkin,
    I have had a look at the link… It is AWESOME. I found an animal that is only alive in captivity!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Mrs Larkin hope you have a great night. I am really interested in our science with Mary Anning like she is the famous fossil hunter and in our topic. I have started to do the biography about Queen Victoria and I am trying to learn our timestables. I will be on the hit the button . thank you

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