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  1. Hi Mrs Larkin, I really enjoyed what we did with Mark today it was so fun. Can anyone remember all the actions for what we did with Mark? The chickens need their water changing every day so it doesn’t make them ill. I hope some other people come on the blog as well because there is hardly anyone on it and can someone answer my question?

  2. Hi Mrs Larkin, I just went on the unicorn rap song I nearly know it off by heart. Can anyone answer the questions? How many times does our heart beat per day? How does blood travel around? I hope people answer my questions.☺:-)

  3. Hi Mrs Larkin, my nan is getting some chickens so I told her to get Lohmann Brown chickens because I already know a lot about them now I have told her some facts.

      1. My nan says she is getting some because she owns a community garden and we have got a lot of room there. When she gets some, when I have some spare time I could go down and help to clean them out twice a week maybe come on the blog and show her the link so she can find herself some facts!

  4. Hi miss larkin I have a fact from stopping us getting a chicken run

    Chicken runs are the most expensive thing you will buy next to chicken houses

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