Remember, remember

Y6 have had a week of remembering all sorts of things and it feels like we’ve packed a fortnight’s worth of learning in this week 😅

Today, we thoroughly enjoyed working with Year 5 on the BBC Live Remembrance lesson. Alongside thousands of other children across the country, we wrote our own Remembrance Haikus. Post yours here for everyone to see or maybe you would like to compose a new one. Remember: 5,7,5

Have a look at this link to see a short video about the stunning  Remembrance flames surrounding the Tower of London to mark the centenary of the end of WWI.

We continued with our work on Multiplication in Maths and are now all working on the last step of the Multiplication Progress Drive. Can you remember what the Remember Tos are when multiplying a two place decimal number by TU?

In English, we have been writing and punctuating bulleted lists. What were the Remember Tos for this?

We continued with our Science work and measured our resting pulse rates. Can you remember the pulse rates of any other living creatures?

Answer all of these challenges and I promise I’ll remember to add a stamp on the blog log!


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  1. Hi Mrs Larkin I enjoyed Friday afternoon because we found out what they did and how they did it. The soldiers in the war did a great job that we will always remember – some of them got injured and some of them died. Of course they didn’t want to die because they wanted to see their family one last time before they did die. Some of them were super lucky not to have died because they could spend the rest of their lives with their family and friends. But I think even though some of them died they were still couragous and brave!!!!

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