Only one more week…

We have been busy again and now have only one week left until half term – I can’t believe it! We enjoyed our RE enrichment day on Thursday analysing and digging deeper into the 7 concepts of Christianity. Our section of the Big Frieze was ‘Kingdom of God’.

Ellie has a challenge: Can anyone answer these questions?
739 x 88=
387 x 34=
Here is a bit harder one in a real life question.
I had 8934 boxes and there were 98 toys inside each. How many toys would I have in total?
I hope someone answers it.

Caitlin also has a challenge:Β  Everybody what is 1967×98= and 23765+49103=
let’s see who can answer these questions

Here is the link to the Aesop’s fables website we have been using. Perhaps you will do your illustration for the homework projects over the weekend…

21 thoughts on “Only one more week…

  1. Hi Mrs Larkin, I really had a good enrichment day and I really like the ideas for the Kingdom of God work.Everyone tried their best I agree with the star of the week (Lakisha). I hope someone answers my question. I am really enjoying the maths booster sessions. Is anyone else enjoying it too?

  2. Hi we really enjoy year 6 and these are the answers

    Bye we hope u have a nice half term Mrs Larkin πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Mrs Larkin, I LOVED the RE enrichment day: It was really fun. I most enjoyed our debates because I also LOVE philosophy and arguments. Please can we do more?

    Answers to Ellie’s math questions:
    739 x 88 = 65032
    387 x 34 = 13158
    8934 x 98 = 875532

  4. hello Miss Larkin I can only fit in a few clic’s because I have been away for the week and have only just come back

  5. Mrs Larkin I have been going on the Aesop fable link in my spare time when you’ve read it you can see what the moral of the story is!

      1. The class book is great. My favourite ones are the tortoise and the hare because that shows that even though people aren’t that good at things that doesn’t mean you’re better then them, the ant and the grasshopper,the North wind and the sun this one is about challenging people to get to see if you are better because the wind will just want me to keep my coat on and I definitely know that the sun will want me to take my coat off!

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