When is a horse not a horse?

…. when it’s a great big trick to win a war! This week, we really enjoyed learning more about the Siege of Troy: we heard different versions of the story, did some group drama for key points, story pathed it and started to learn who the key figures were using our Knowledge Organiser. Maybe you could set a question for everyone to answer. I’ll start you off…

Who was Helen’s husband and what was his brother called?

After some super scores on our Learn Its challenges yesterday, we’re moving on to the 8 times table. Our Learn Its for next week will be

3 x 8 = 24

5 x 8 = 40

7 x 8 = 56

Here’s a link for a times table game. Set it to 8 times tables. Practise, practise, practise and prepare yourself to wear the crown!! 👑

35 thoughts on “When is a horse not a horse?

  1. Hi Mrs Larkin, I have just been on the maths game 🎮 I think it will help me and I got 27/27 in my second go.

  2. Hi I think a horse is not a horse when it’s a donkey. I hope we have a 👍 good week.I am really liking the maths we do in year 6 and the vocabulary too.😎 I will still pop on and off the blog. I hope some people join us too.

  3. Hi Mrs Larkin, on the maths game I got 36/36.Can anyone beat me by practising on the maths game? We are lonely on the blog so please come on.

      1. Hey Caitlin 🙂 It’s great to see you on the blog! That’s a fab score 🙂 I’ll let Ellie tell you if you’ve got her questions correct….

  4. Hi Mrs Larkin,
    I’ve enjoyed the hit the button game. I think a horse is not a horse when it is a wooden horse. It is technically not a real horse.

  5. I really liked the game with the maths. I got faster and faster it was fun. I got from 3 to 19 to 20 to 29. thank you for putting that game on it helped me.

    1. It really did help you! Your progress in such a short time has been amazing!! You fully deserved to win the Michael Jordan Award for your determination and perseverance 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Hi Mrs Larkin, I love the story of the wooden horse and the Trojan War, Helen’s husband is called Menelaus and his brother is called Agamemnon. For some reason, I was really surprised when the story said that Achilles died. I have a question for everyone, what was the goddess that gave Helen to Paris called?

  7. Hi miss Larkin I have really enjoyed year 6,It has been the best time of all of the classes I have been in. All of the Greek myths we have been reading and all of the maths we have done

  8. Hey Mrs Larkin my aunty went to Greece and she’s helping me with my menu I can’t wait to make it and learn more.

  9. Hi I really liked the time tables game it was really fun and I got 29 out of 29 on my second go . We are really loving year 6 so far . I hope u have a good day today . We are loving our topic . We cant wait to do the project .we are especially loving maths , science and topic

  10. hello Mrs Larkin I really like the times table game thank you for showing us that game. My first go was 19 and then I got 26 . I hope you have a good weekend 🙂

    1. That’s super progress! Thanks you and I hope you have a good weekend too – I know you’ve got an exciting one planned 🙂

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