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Only one more week…

We have been busy again and now have only one week left until half term – I can’t believe it! We enjoyed our RE enrichment day on Thursday analysing and digging deeper into the 7 concepts of Christianity. Our section of the Big Frieze was ‘Kingdom of God’.

Ellie has a challenge: Can anyone answer these questions?
739 x 88=
387 x 34=
Here is a bit harder one in a real life question.
I had 8934 boxes and there were 98 toys inside each. How many toys would I have in total?
I hope someone answers it.

Caitlin also has a challenge:  Everybody what is 1967×98= and 23765+49103=
let’s see who can answer these questions

Here is the link to the Aesop’s fables website we have been using. Perhaps you will do your illustration for the homework projects over the weekend…

Gone in a flash!

Another week has flown by in a flash! On Monday, we enjoyed making our Pear and Almond Flapjack Tart to celebrate the harvest then used the recipe to apply our maths skills in a Real Life context: it was a challenge but Year 6 went for it! I wonder if any of you will make it again over the weekend….

In our Science work on the circulatory system, we were finding out more about pulse rates and Natalie and Amy from Bassetlaw Community Children’s Team helped us to listen to our heart beat and to measure some children’s blood pressure. We can’t wait for them to visit us again in a couple of weeks with even more equipment for us to try out!

Friday afternoon was very peaceful: we used our RE time to make an artistic representation of the creation of the universe. The artwork that we created was spectacular!

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the week has been our success on the Hit the Button game that we have been using to speed up our recall of the 8 times table. Sooooo many children beat their scores on the Learn Its Challenge because of the extra work that they have been putting in at home 🙂 Year 6 have been very competitive and at the moment, Kendall is in the lead with a high score of 40!!!! Post your scores here over the weekend but be truthful…. because we might have a play off next week!

If there are a couple of niggly 8 x table facts that you need to master, why not try this link? It works out your target areas and trains you on them so you’ll be bossing the Hit the Button in no time at all! When you get on the site, set up ‘Multiply’ and ‘by12’ on the orange buttons at the top, workout time 2 minutes and ‘8x row’ on the blue buttons.

Have a busy weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday buzzing about your scores….

When is a horse not a horse?

…. when it’s a great big trick to win a war! This week, we really enjoyed learning more about the Siege of Troy: we heard different versions of the story, did some group drama for key points, story pathed it and started to learn who the key figures were using our Knowledge Organiser. Maybe you could set a question for everyone to answer. I’ll start you off…

Who was Helen’s husband and what was his brother called?

After some super scores on our Learn Its challenges yesterday, we’re moving on to the 8 times table. Our Learn Its for next week will be

3 x 8 = 24

5 x 8 = 40

7 x 8 = 56

Here’s a link for a times table game. Set it to 8 times tables. Practise, practise, practise and prepare yourself to wear the crown!! 👑