Monthly Archives: June 2018

We’re artists!

This week has flown by in a flash! We began the week with some play rehearsals, found out more about Sikhism during our faith experience and attended an event at Sparken Hill to learn more about different careers. We squeezed in a bit of narrative writing when we began our stories set on a mountain before ending the week with a whole day art workshop with visiting artist and author duo,Β  Duncan and Emma Pass. We created our own storyline and then made the printing plates ourselves! We can’t wait to see the finished comic in the exhibition at Worksop Library in July!

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What a view!

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Year 6 had a breathtaking trip (in more ways than one!) on Thursday. We visited Derbyshire to take a walk past Ladybower Reservoir and then hiked up Win Hill. At 462m, it’s not quite a mountain but we certainly felt a mountainous sense of achievement when we reached the top!