Use your powers of persuasion

Image result for visit derbyshireThis website is worth a look to see how you can persuade visitors that they can’t afford to miss out. If you wanted to look at the towns and villages link on there, you can also find more information about your group’s town. When you’ve done that, perhaps you could write a little post (in your own words) persuading us about an attraction we’d be bonkers to miss…

13 thoughts on “Use your powers of persuasion

  1. I enjoyed the lesson today when we were researching different places. Everyone’s performance was great, even though ours went a bit wrong! Well done Samantha for getting Star of the Day!

  2. Hi miss right now I am watching the tempest on the DVD that we got when my brother did it. It’s really good my two favourite characters are Miranda and Ariel but Dylan plays the monster really well. I’m so excited also I have been practicing the script and the songs 😄

  3. Hi miss I am really excited to do a midsummer nights dream and me sienna Milosz and Jack have already started practising but sometimes it’s a bit hard not to laugh

  4. Hi miss today me and my family went to the workhouse and we went on this tour at half past eleven. We got to go inside the death room and something else I couldn’t remember the name and I showed my family around

  5. Hi miss I can’t wait for our trip tomorrow I have really liked all our topics this year and my favorite one has be Victorians

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