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Use your powers of persuasion

Image result for visit derbyshireThis website is worth a look to see how you can persuade visitors that they can’t afford to miss out. If you wanted to look at the towns and villages link on there, you can also find more information about your group’s town. When you’ve done that, perhaps you could write a little post (in your own words) persuading us about an attraction we’d be bonkers to miss…

Papier Mache Homework Project

Here are some useful links if you’re looking for ideas on how to get started:

How to make a papier mache mountain

Some super images on Pinterest

You might want to create your topic group mountain or another famous mountain from around the world. Maybe you’ll add some supporting research about the mountain you’ve created. Try to keep it manageable and allow yourself enough time for it to dry and be decorated. Remember – big isn’t necessarily better and don’t forget you’ll be taking it home at the end of term!