Mountain or Molehill?

For part of this term, we will be looking at mountains around the world. What can you find out about mountains? Can you predict any of the vocabulary that I might put on this term’s Knowledge Organsier?

11 thoughts on “Mountain or Molehill?

  1. Hi miss here are some vocabulary words I think are going to be on the knowledge organiser

  2. I am not sure about it but some mountains are formed by erosion but all of them are created by tectonic plate collsion which either causes rises or dents in landscapes.

  3. Peak= the top of a mountain
    Summit= a surface that is higher than anything around it
    Range= A mountain range is a lot of mountains in a line connected by high ground
    Ascend= climb upwards
    Descend= climb downwards
    Terrain= land surface
    Atmosphere= the air you breath in a place

  4. Hello Mrs Larkin,
    I can not wait to learn about mountains.I think I can define Samantha’s words:
    Atmosphere-What is around us.
    Range-area of variation between upper and lower limits.
    Peak-The pointed top of a mountain.
    Terrain-A stretch of land.
    Ascent-A climb or walk to the summit of a mountain or hill.
    Summit-The highest point of a mountain or hill

  5. Thank you very much Mrs Larkin.
    I can not wait for my transition to portland tomorrow.

    I have got a question for the class.
    Faith has £75 and spends £28.39.
    How much money has Faith got left?

  6. I think mountians because they are fun to clim up and they are also really adventures
    I cant wait for tommoro for trantsion

    1. I agree with Faith,mountains are fun because you can climb them and you can go on a really fun adventure.

  7. I can not wait to learn about mountains.
    I also can not wait to go on our mountains trip.
    I also just can not wait for SAT’S week,even though I am a bit nervous,I am going to try my best because that is the best you can do,right?

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