Back into the swing of things

We’ve had a busy week in Year 6 after all the excitement of snow days and World Book Day! On Wednesday, some of us had an excellent visit to the Apple store at Meadowhall with Mr Cawkill and Mrs Abbott where we had an amazing time working with the staff there on Garage Band.

On Thursday, we enjoyed showcasing our Victorian homework projects and a record breaking 16 Y6s were in the hall having completed 5 or more projects. Alex F even completed 10!!!!!!! I wonder what you will all choose as your reward for all of your hard work.

Our maths assessments are complete now and have earned us a class credit for our fabulous understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages 🙂

We’re back into our Read Theory quizzes and have completed 403 between us earning another class credit! We are starting to see now that hard work really does pay!

Completed quizzes: Elisha 46 and Jack C 97 – you two can both have 3 signatures.

Your target for next week is 250 as a class – I wonder if you will remember to keep going on at home…

9 thoughts on “Back into the swing of things

  1. Hi miss I’m going to choose to got to the ferry farm for my homework projects also I really enjoyed the trip to Apple it was fun and educational. I think a lot of people tried really hard on their homework projects and some of them were amazing😄

  2. I have chosen to go to the farm.

    Does any one know who Wilhelm II was, and how he was related to Queen Victoria?

  3. Hi Mrs Larkin, I also went to the apple store, it was so fun: we tried the new version of garage band and made a song!

    I was really impressed with year 6’s projects, they were all really great! I still can’t believe Alex did 10 projects, can anyone tell me what they were?

    I really enjoy read theory! I’m almost on the Prodigy level, just 100 KP away, so close!

  4. Hi miss I would hate to live in a workhouse because they would be cold the beds would be uncomfortable and the jobs would be really hard and plus the food would be disgusting and you wouldn’t get to see your family
    Here’s a question
    What do you think the hardest job in a workhouse would be

  5. Hi miss I am really enjoying doing our write this term and I have really enjoyed learning about Victorians also in my write I called my girl Amy and for our trip I’m called Amy

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