Thursday 1st March

When you’ve finished playing in the snow, why not send us a short story to read? You could base it on this picture…

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As the carriage made its painstakingly slow journey through the streets of London, the driver prayed that he would make it in time…

Perhaps you’ll also do a couple of Read Theory quizzes and then snuggle up with a hot chocolate and a good book; it is World Book Day after all πŸ˜‰

19 thoughts on “Thursday 1st March

  1. …. ‘Hurry George hurry’ (George was the horse) yelled John as he whipped his horse. They were going to be late for the queen’s coronation (and they were bringing the cake) Finally, they got there but a few layers were smudged so he snuck into the back room and fixed it but he realised he hadn’t tied George up.Which one is more important? He left the coronation. He chose George because his father gave it to him and he died last year and as long as he got the cake there that’s all that matters. ‘George George where are you oh I’ll never find him’ CLIP CLOP CLIP CLOP CLIP CLOP. ‘George I was so worried’ They decided to go home. That’s a sign of true owner and animal love. He could have seriously got in trouble for not going but as long as he saved his pet that’s all that mattered. πŸ΄πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks, Samantha, I had a feeling you’d be the first to respond πŸ™‚ I really liked your topic links and the question he asked himself.

  2. The cold kept biting away at the feet of the of the loyal horse. The man’s best friend had a terribly bad cold, so he HAD to get to her immediately. But at every metre, the horse stopped as it was too cold to go on, but it kept going. ” Come on boy, we can make it,” stated the man, who was so terrified for his friend. Sometimes, people asked the man if they could go on his horse to get home, but the man just shook his head. After many tough blizzards, they FINALLY made it. The horse was tied to a post, left shivering with cold. As the man creaked open the door, he realised what was truly wrong with the sick person…

  3. I just did some read theory quizzes and im now a STARLING!!!!! Can any of you guys beat me to theorist. I think you can if you keep going on and take your time.

  4. Hi Jack I really like your story and when I get on your level on read theory you always level up!! Miss are we going to start the reading thing next week or not?πŸ˜€

    1. Haha!! Yes, I’m hoping to get started with it on Monday. You could be keeping a count of your minutes for when you get the bookmark. Samantha, how many Read Theory quizzes would you say you’ve done this week? I think there may be a problem with the website as it says you’ve only done one since last Friday.

  5. Hi miss I don’t know exactly but I know I have done more than 1. I have levelled up on to virtuoso.πŸ˜„

  6. Hi Samantha, I think that were in sync with levelling up. However, i think you could still beat me to theorist, because you come in early and do a lot of quizzes, but can anyone else challenge us?

    1. We’re missing you too πŸ˜₯ keep yourself nice and wrapped up and we’ll see you when you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

      1. Hi miss Larkin today at our school projects I am proud of everyone’s and I hope I get to go to collage they all tasted brilliant

        1. They were all fab, weren’t they? I’m sure you were pleased to find out that you are one of the Year 6s that are going for Lunch with Leaders πŸ™‚

  7. Samantha, I’m now lonely when I come in early. Get well soon, and i hope you had a great world book day. A question for you guys!!!!!! Who do you think is the best author, AND WHY?

  8. Hi miss one day my brother came back with 6 world book day tokens and we picked my baby brother from outer space, the bolds, brain freeze, the girl who thought she was a dog,Paddington and avengers

  9. Hi miss I am really enjoying who let the gods out it is definitely my type of book I’m only twelve pages in but I can tell it’s going to be really good

    1. It’s a very popular book at the moment! When I bought it, I thought of you straightaway! It also reminded me of when Brandon came as Zeus to our Greek day when he was in Y6 πŸ™‚

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